May Anniversary Giveaway Week #4

May is almost over! isn’t that crazy? Where has this year been going? This past week was fairly crazy. May is Birthday month for my family so we’ve been running around. Plus, I had to take my grandfather in to the ER. Plus, I’ve been having some computer troubles, so yeah, I haven’t been getting much done here, have I?

Our Week 3 prize winner has been officially notified (congrats raindrops1) and now its time to start the final giveaway of May before the grand prize. So what is up for grabs this week? The completely awesome Howl’s Moving Castle. This anime by Miyazaki ties with Spirited Away as being my favorite.

Sophie and HowlI can’t remember if I read the book first or watched the anime. In some respects, I liked the anime much better, which is actually quite odd. Normally I always prefer a book over a movie or cartoon adaptation.

One of the great things about Miyazaki’s work is the fact you get some awesome actors doing the voices. Sometimes with anime, the English voice actors aren’t all that impressive, but with Miyazki’s films, you get the cream of the crop…meaning essentially non-voice actors. Christian Bale lends his talent to the voice of Howl.

We have a young woman named Sophie who is transformed into an old lady and she goes on a quest which brings her into contact with the magician Howl. Again, it’s a great favorite of mine. To enter, just tell me what your favorite Hayao Miyazaki film is. If you don’t know his work, just tell me what your favorite anime movie is (not series, movie).


  • Howl’s Moving Castle is also my favorite movie. I read the books over and over even before the movie came out, and I thought the movie was such a sweet adaptation.

    • I agree that the movie was a sweet adaptation and I really liked the relationship between Howl and Sophie and then there was our scarecrow.

  • NeeNee, thank you again! I couldn’t believe it when I got the notification. Happy Birthday (either a early Happy Birthday or a belated one 🙂 ) Wishing you good health & happy adventutes in the rest of the year. I hope things settle down and your grandfather’s health improves.
    This is another great giveaway. It would be greedy of me to enter it too. Good luck to everyone. This anime sounds good & having your seal of approval means it’s really good. Having the right voice actor makes a world of difffrence. There have been countless times where I would rather watch on mute & read the subtitles then listen to the actors voices.

    • Your welcome, and congratulations! I hope you’ll enjoy the first season (if you haven’t seen it yet). I had a good birthday aside from the ER trip in the morning and being overwhelmed by allergies at the end. My grandfather even went out and bought me a cake after his dentist follow-up after the ER run. I also got a mini 5 shelve plant rack that can be made into a greenhouse. Here’s hoping my herb gardening goes well and I can make yummy things.

      Howl’s Moving Castle really was a great movie. I love most of Miyazaki’s films. 🙂 If you’ve never seen Spirited Away or My Neighbor Totoro, they are also really good. Chani-chan even has a review of his Secret World of Arietty which is based on the British children’s novels The Borrowers. Although…while not bad, I really do prefer the live action adaptation starring John Goodman.

      My friend and I watched the Fruits Basket anime and we watched it in English until Ayame is introduced and then we switched to Japanese since the voice actor wasn’t as annoying, lol.

      • Your grandfather is so sweet. I hope the cake was yummy. Again, I hope he continues to feel better. I wish you good luck with your good luck (although NeeNee you don’t need my good luck wishes, you are very crafty, creative & smart). Pls do share pics & recipes of the yummy things you prepare.
        I look forward to seeing season 1 since I have not seen it. I will have to check out the movies. I love getting recommendations & finding new things.

  • Princess Mononoke!

    Yeah this month went by so quickly. O_O Thanks again for holding these giveaways. I’m looking forward to finding out who wins the Crunchyroll subscription HEHE!

    • lol. Me, too. I’m still trying to figure out my manga giveaway. Should I do another Crunchyroll since they do offer a few manga? Plus you do have all that anime and drama and the movies… Decisions, decisions. My friend forced me to watch a lot of Miyazaki films. NOT that it was all that hard. I do believe Princess Mononoke was hers. It was definitely a very interesting movie.

      • Oh there’s a manga giveaway? Like physical copies of manga?

        • Yes there will be physical manga given away. There will also be manga-related items. I’m doing the giveaways kind of in order of my own addictions, lol. I’m just not quite sure what to do for the grand prize for the manga. Shop at my local bookstore and do a random manga grab bag?


  • My favorite is Spirited Away. I haven’t actually watched Howl’s Moving Castle, but my brother has and told me it was great. So I’d love to have the opportunity to watch it. Thanks for another awesome giveaway! 🙂

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