Flashback Thursday #2

Let’s rewind to 2010. More specifically, May. Asian Addicts Anonymous is only 5 months old. Why is May such a special month in AAA‘s first year? Because it’s the month when NeeNee finished recapping her first series ever! *Throws Confetti* I don’t count Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge in the recap category because I really didn’t write recaps for the drama, although the initial impressions and thoughts posts did kind of start evolving to recaps. But it wasn’t really until this drama that I started more so on the road to recaps. Oh, which drama? Korean drama Oh! My Lady.

Oh! My LadyLove, love, love this drama. This is actually another drama that I have watched multiple times and I still like it! People talk of a lack of chemistry between OTP Choi Si Won and Chae Rim, but I guess I never really felt that they lacked in that department for whatever reason. This drama follows a middle-aged house wife played by Chae Rim as she navigates the waters of divorce, struggling to find a job to take care of her daughter and bring her back to live with, and learning to trust her heart and in love. Choi Si Won plays an arrogant immature star whose life becomes forever entwined with Chae Rim’s character’s as she becomes his housekeeper and then his live-in nanny when he discovers he’s unexpectedly a father.

Chae RimIf you look at my first post of this series, Episode 1 posted at the end of March, it’s brief. Very brief (712 words brief…that doesn’t sound very brief does it, lol, but trust me that its brief for me). It introduced the main players and the overall plot with my thoughts and what I liked and didn’t. With Episode 2 the post was longer (931 words) and contained more information about what happened in the episode, again with about 1/3 of the post dealing with my thoughts and overall impressions of the episode. On Episode 3 the post word count jumped quite a bit (1,422)! Also, my thoughts section dwindled down to only a quarter of the overall post! By Episode 4 I hit nearly 1,300 words and again my overall thoughts of the episode’s events stayed small. And by episode 5 My Thoughts were practically nonexistent.

Okay, I won’t do a play by play of the rest of the recaps, but just thought I’d show you the evolution of just posting a brief summary with my review of a drama’s episode with starting to voice a little less of my own thoughts and more of the content. This is actually something as a recapper that you struggle with as you go. How much of your own opinion do you put in? How much of the events of the episode should you actually cover? Over the years the recaps keep evolving and changing and I can’t say if any one version is better than another. They are a pain, a pleasure, and a lot of work.

After 5 years, I’ve been moving back more towards episode impressions and thoughts than recaps. It’s actually really easy to get burned out on recapping. I’ll come back to it. I will, but for now, this is a comfortable place to be at the moment.

Eikura NanaHere’s a question, how many dramas have been officially completely recapped on Asian Addicts Anonymous? If you follow our Facebook page, then you’ll know the answer to that. In the year 2010, our (why do I say “our” when this site is essentially me, although I have had a few on and off contributors?) site fully recapped four dramas – two Japanese (Sunao ni NarenakuteNaka nai to Kimeta Hi) and two Korean (Oh! My Lady; Personal Preference).

Food for thought. My first month of blogging only saw 52 hits. I found that depressing, lol. My second month of blogging and there was a jump to 958. A huge shock was moving into April of 2010 and then there’s the monthly total of 5,193 views! And…when we enter the month of May when I finished completely recapping my first series ever, the stats did another astounding jump up to 9,996 views! I’m happy with the success of AAA if you look at the statistics over all. I’m happy to have met some great drama-watching friends as well.


  • Congratulations! Blogging is hard work. I did a blog just for a trip that I took students on and it was hours of work. I really appreciate the work that you do. Where would I have gone for Angel’s Revenge news?

    Anyway, I am really posting because I, too, love Oh My Lady, and it is one of those dramas that I watch over and over. There are other dramas that I think are better dramas and really enjoyed, but I also know that i will never rewatch. this show reminds me of that favorite dish that you have–not the super fancy or expensive one that you love but can only manage once a year or the one that is so rich that you cannot eat much of it. No, it is more like that favorite dish that you get when you need to feel better about the world; it makes me feel satisfied and full. I heard about the “lack of chemistry” but I did not see that at all. Perhaps there wasn’t the same kind heat that people want, but there was so much warmth here between the couple between the parents and kids and the real growth of the the lead male that we are often just expected to assume when they change in other dramas but that we actually get to see here.

    Gee, now I want to rewatch again!

    • Thanks! I remember you talking about doing a blog for a trip with students. Blogging is a lot of work. Kudos to the people who make a living out of blogging. I don’t think I could do that, lol.

      I really did like the warmth between our main cast and I found their love believable. I think it was more realistic not to have a passionate explosive love. Our superstar was finally growing up and maturing and Gae Hwa was gun shy after having her husband cheat on her and leave her. So this slow little warmth was just right. Now I want to watch this drama yet again, lol. Ah, our cute little girls! I liked how easily and quickly they got along and became sisters.

  • Nancy McNamara

    I enjoy receiving your AAA emails. Your reviews and recaps are great. I recently discovered wonderful Korean drama, all titles. The acting is amazing. Story lines are well done. For some I had to have a box of tissues or 2 at hand!
    Thankyou Née Née !

  • Congrats! I think I lost track of my blogging anniversary because I switched from Blogger to WordPress. I liked Oh! My Lady too. I think my 1st post was on what I was watch and my first review was of Glass Mask. While I haven’t completed a true recap (I’m still trying to find the time to finish Second Love), my one group venture into that realm was too tiresome ever to be repeated. I think I’ve told you numerous times that I envied your persistence and patience in doing an episode by episode recap. I’m sadly not there yet. Maybe when I retire. But again, congratulations from one of your blogging fans!!

  • Lol I only got 21 pageviews during my first month of blogging! Funny to look back and see how far we’ve come!

  • Congrats, NeeNee!! How much your blog has grown, since you first started!! I don’t do recaps as a general rule as I find them too much work. I admire how much time and effort you consistently put into recaps! Kudos on coming this far, and wishing you many more exciting blogging milestones to come! ^^

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