Good Morning, Shanghai Episodes 14-16

As predictable as this drama can be and as bad as some of the acting and situations can be, it does have its charm. I’m not saying the actors are bad or can’t act…more like the staging and things just seem just like that—staged. Not quite natural.

Anywho, these episodes see some interesting developments for our characters. After going out to eat together, Ming Wei is surprised to learn that the chef at the restaurant is Hao Yun’s Shushu. He felt bad for not greeting him and Hao Yun just waves that notion off since she knows it can only bring trouble…or rather lots of unwanted questions from her family. Ming Wei confesses that in her presence he feels comfortable and he would really like to be friends. Again, I reiterate that this won’t be a love triangle (or square or pentagon) because our adorable Hao Yun is head over heels for Zhi Hao already. She does happily accept his offer of friendship.

The two end up back at Zhi Hao’s place. He and Zhou Min arrive home and the disappointed little boy says that Xi Yan has dumped them once more. He then heads up to bed and Zhi Hao goes to wake his sleeping brother up (he had fallen asleep outside while talking to Hao Yun and she just didn’t feel comfortable waking him up so she was putting a blanket over Ming Wei). The two chat when the wench Xi Yan arrives. She’s all apologies for having to run out, but the nature of her business is that she can’t ignore special meetings and calls. Zhi Hao says he’s fine with everything, but he has confessed to his ge that he himself is very uncertain of the marriage now, and especially of his fiancee’s true feelings. Of course Ming Wei is all for pushing the marriage forward to make things even worse for Zhi Hao and thus Mr. Wang.

Anywho, it’s a bad idea to leave Xi Yan and Hao Yun alone together. They are like oil and water (Hao Yun’s the pure water and Xi Yan the icky oil). Xi Yan scolds Hao Yun for trying to eat the food that was packed up for Zhi Hao and his son. Xi Yan keeps harping about Hao Yun learning what her place is as a nanny. Hao Yun has her own words of advice for Xi Yan (who also accused her of chasing after rich men). Hao Yun tells Xi Yan to act more like a mother and show some honest attention and interest in our darling little Zhou Min. This startles Xi Yan, but the other woman gets fighting mad when Hao Yun then tells her to stop mistreating Zhi Hao. The girl can dish out her own criticism and unwanted advice, but won’t listen to others’ especially when it goes against her agenda.

When the women’s voices raise, the men come inside. Xi Yan tells an abbreviated version in her favor about Hao Yun’s insults. Zhi Hao doesn’t want the two to fight and tries to calm things down. Then Xi Yan notices her engagement ring is missing and immediately accuses Hao Yun. Again Zhi Hao tries to calm the situation, but this time its Hao Yun kicking up a fuss for such an accusation. She empties out her purse to prove she has nothing to hide and Zhi Hao sees the necklace. His father’s necklace that Hao Yun found looks nearly identical to the one that Xi Yan spirited away, so even though there’s no engagement ring he’s angry to think Hao Yun stole his precious necklace and she’s kicked out yet again.

Poor Hao Yun. She can’t catch a break. I get that Zhi Hao is angry and will come to regret his actions, but the man could have listened to her explanation instead of kicking her out and then leaving right away to take the mystified Xi Yan home. I’m shocked that Ming Wei did nothing this entire time but stand back and watch. I would have thought he would have spoken up, but no. So home Hao Yun goes and tells her family she just wants to rest there for a few days.

Shushu and Xiao Mei are definitely suspicious of what is going on. Hao Yun does her best to keep her positive front up and goes to her second job where she works hard only to be told the café’s business is bad and they can’t afford to keep her. The manager does give her a red envelope and wishes her all the best, so Hao Yun is stuck looking for another job. During this search she is also called out to an expensive restaurant to have lunch with Ming Wei who is definitely doing his best to pursue this friendship between them. He even takes her to the company and hands her information about an orchestra looking for a pianist!

Zhou Min is of course upset with his father for kicking jie jie out when she’s not a liar or bad person. Zhou Min is more like the reliable parent that Zhi Hao at times. Ah. And it’s a pet peeve for me that Zhou Min is only in kindergarten and is constantly left alone.  There are tons of scenes with our adults and a few with Zhou Min, but the kid is seriously by himself more often than not and the times when we never see him at the house is amazing. I know that child actors have restrictions (at least in the US when it comes to how many hours they can work, etc.) but it seems odd to have a child who is important to the story line to some degree disappear for long stretches of time.

Zhi Hao even regrets his actions, but he has a hard time admitting his mistake. When he sees Hao Yun with Ming Wei, he’s too afraid to face her and even hides his face. Shakes head. Ah. At this time the opposing company who Ming Wei sold the info about Zhi Hao’s cell phone has released their product. Zhi Hao was giving the presentation to the media when news reached LJ and the whole project was scrapped and left everyone scrambling to figure out what is going wrong. Mr. Wang knows it has to be an inside job. Zhi Hao is told that an investigation will be carried out to see what happened. Zhi Hao wishes to continue with their own launch and push the patent on the phone since their rival hasn’t applied for one either yet. To do this, Mr. Wang may be forced to see the soccer team. Oh, no!

Oh! And Xiao Mei tasked Shushu to find out what really happened between Hao Yun and Zhi Hao. Hao Yun originally asserts she got sick of the work and quit, but after drinking with her uncle, she does admit what happened and her own hopeless love. Shushu gets so mad he pays Zhi Hao a visit. He apologies profusely to Zhi Hao and then lands him a hard punch across the kisser. Shushu defending his poor niece is hilarious because after doing that he’s back to apologizing profusely and even ends up going drinking with Zhi Hao. Mystifying isn’t it?

And speaking of our mismatched couple, as cute as I think Shushu and Xiao Mei are there are loads of problems facing them. Now, I don’t care about age or nationality or religion or anything like that. The problem comes when Xiao Mei tells the Yous that she lost her father early in life and has always craved a father’s love and that is something she can experience with Shushu…ummmm…ewww! That’s wrong. If you say you want to get a fatherly affection from your would-be-love your relationship is doomed! Then there is Shushu’s divorce. He and Xiao Mei are all lovey-dovey and happy and then a comment of his has Xiao Mei thrown for a loop as she never realized Shushu was married and divorced. This hurts her and she has a hard time accepting this fact. Seriously? I’m not saying divorce isn’t a big deal, but is it something to be so hurt over like Xiao Mei is acting?

Hao Yun goes to the piano audition and manages to perform. She had her grandmother’s toy piano with her and Zhi Hao’s advice in her mind. The panel seems happy. She is dismissed so they can finish the auditions and deliberate. Before she goes, Hao Yun explains that the piano is a form of great pain for her, but of also great love.

While this is going on, Zhi Hao meets with Mr. You to talk about possibly selling the team. When he offers to ensure Mr. You keeps his coaching job even if that happens, our irascible coach states he will move back to Korea instead if the worst should happen. Zhi Hao feels really crummy after this talk. Oh, and since this big scandal has happened, Xi Yan is being nicer once more to Ming Wei because if Zhi Hao can’t make good from this crisis he definitely won’t be the LJ successor. This woman makes me sick. We all know that Ming Wei sees completely through her. Ming Wei unsettles Xi Yan, but I don’t think she can see through him like he can her.

One thing I am surprised about is that Ming Wei has always shown great care for his little brother, so when he expresses some rather vicious private thoughts and starts planning once more to trample Zhi Hao even more, I find it kind of weird and it does make me dislike this man. Yes, he has a right to be angry, but he shouldn’t be unleashing this anger out on his brother, he really should just confront Mr. Wang head on instead.

Zhi Hao has a talk of his plans with Ming Wei (which brought us the not very nice scene where Ming Wei expresses his pans for his brother) and also asks what his ge was meeting Hao Yun for (oh, he found Xi Yan’s ring in the fish tank by the way and he seemed rather unhappy about how she didn’t express any remorse in what happened to Hao Yun because of that incident). Ming Wei tells him about the orchestra trials. Our curious Zhi Hao calls up a friend to get the information and then calls up Hao Yun (who…for the entire time she’s been fired…has been agonizing over Zhou Min’s and Zhi Hao’s well being). The girl plays hard to get at first until he tells her he’s heading to her house and begins to recite the way to get there.

Hao Yun then rushes off to meet Zhi Hao at the mall like he requested. Once she arrives an announcement is read congratulating the little worm for getting a job with the orchestra. Hao Yun is so embarrassed and thoroughly scolds Zhi Hao for his public teasing. Zhi Hao points out that no one should no she’s the stupid worm mentioned, right? She then asks if its really true that she got the job and Zhi Hao hands over her employee badge. He tells her then that she had better not neglect Zhou Min with this job, too, and then gives her an hour to move back in the house. The two celebrate Hao Yun’s job and she asks after his problem, but Zhi Hao doesn’t want to talk about it too much.

The next day at work he’s excluded from a manger’s meeting and gets to hear that the product launch is officially scrapped. Poor guy. He goes home and starts drinking. When Hao Yun sees this she puts on the Korean version of “I Will Survive” and does a dance number for him that cheers him up. Both of these two are so obviously falling for each other. Do you think Ming Wei will try the same thing he’s doing with Xi Yan? It wouldn’t fly with Hao Yun would it?

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