Song of the Week – BTS “I Need U”

What rock have I been living under to not know about this right when it came out? I haven’t really been discovering new tunes, but just listening to my quite extensive library.

Yay for BTS! When I discovered they were promoting a new song, I went straight out and bought this album. It’s quite good, but I haven’t listened to it enough to talk about the songs in any amount of depth…not that I’m good when it comes to talking about music, lol.I Need U MV Screenshot 2

I love this song as I have pretty much loved their other songs and the dance was pretty cool when I watched it on a music show. Did Jin get a few more lines than he normally does? Ah, Ji Min and his high notes, you always know when he’s singing those. I highly recommend checking out the whole album as BTS just doesn’t disappoint.

One thing is that the MV is kind of confusing with its shots of our angst-ridden young men and then we have those happy scenes with them all hanging out, but not too shocking to have an MV that doesn’t have much of a storyline and doesn’t necessarily quite jive with the lyrics of the song.

BTS Third Mini Album
[Hwayangyeonhwa] The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Pt. 1
Released: 29 April 2015

01 Intro: 화양연화 [Hwayangyeonhwa] The Most Beautiful Moment in Life
02 I Need U
03 잡아줘 [jabajwo] Hold Me Tight
04 SKIT: Expectation!
05 쩔어 [Jjeoleo] DOPE
06 흥탄소년단 [Heungtansonyeondan] Boyz with Fun
07 Converse High
08 이사 [isa] Moving On
09 Outro: Love Is Not Over

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