May Anniversary Giveaway Week #2

Week #1’s giveaway has officially closed and the winner has been notified (congrats El-Faryna). Now it’s time to start the next official giveaway. The lucky winner this time will get Ronin Warriors the complete series, plus the OVA on DVD!

I have such fond memories of this anime. My sister and I essentially did everything together. Our birthdays fall only 2 days apart so there is only 363 days between us and we even share the same age for a whole 2 days! Plus, during the summer months my sister and I spent a lot of time alone together so we did watch a lot of TV and this show was one of our summer favorites. I remember that every day Ronin Warriors was on we always made sure to be out in the living just before the show started and we did get cranky when we had to miss our favorite show (hey, we were young elementary students).

Ronin Warriors DVDThis show follows five young warriors as they take on the evil Emperor Talpa and his minions. Our young warriors are joined by a monk known only as “The Ancient One,” a young woman whose grandfather studied the legend of their armor, and a little boy who is all by himself after Tulpa opened up the door to the Nether Realm. I think this show was originally created and aired in Japan in the late 80s and was brought over to the US in the early 90s. Does anyone else remember watching this when it aired? I think this aired about the same time as a Conan cartoon in the US.

The rules stay the same. Leave a comment below answering the prompt and you’ll be entered to win this awesome series and its OVA on DVD!

So what is the prompt this time? Each of the warriors were representatives of different elements, i.e. fire (Ryo), Water (Cye), Air (Rowen), Earth (Kento), and Light (Sage—my personal favorite warrior, lol). Ah, listening to them use their powers know incites a bit of a chuckle because I keep thinking of the Running Man episodes where the members got to be super heroes and had to call out phrases to use their powers and I remember well their embarrassment at doing such a thing. Imagine yelling out “arrow shockwave” or “lightning bolt cut” or “iron rock crusher”!

So…If you were a Ronin Warrior what would your element and power be?


  • Not sure if it’s an element, but mine would be plantation. I would be able to make plants grow quickly and manipulate them as weapons or as a shield!

  • Cataquack Warrior

    I were a Ronin Warrior, my element would be Light. I would be able to teleport at the speed of light, create light shields around allies, and also empower my khopesh weapon with light.

  • If I were a Ronin Warrior, my element would be water. I could use it to put up barriers and trap enemies in spheres of water. I could also form walls of water to attack enemies with, and it would be a great ability to have in areas without much water. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! 🙂

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