New Discovery Nat-Tol

It’s been awhile since NeeNee had introduced a new discovery, hasn’t it? This time it isn’t Korean indie music which I think is what I’ve blogged about the most in my discoveries. This time I’m introducing you to Thai duo Nat-Tol. This duo has come together once more (I don’t think they are an actual permanent duo, but rather solo artists who sometimes work together) to sing for the OST of Thai drama Love Sick The Series. Nat-Tol is composed of Nat Sakdatorn (winner of True Academy Fantasia Season 4) and Vontongchai Intarawat (runner-up of season 4) whose nickname is Tol.Nat-Tol

Sakdatorn has quite the academic achievements – his BA is from Harvard and he has even spent some time studying at Berklee College of Music. He’s done background vocals from famous brother duo Golf Mike, composed songs for other singers, and is even a published writer! Quite a lot of achievements in his lifetime. Tol actually put law school on hold to pursue his singing career by joining True Academy Fantasia (he did later graduate with his degree). He can play several instruments including piano, guitar, bass guitar, flute, violin, and drum. He is also known to be one of the few who have absolute pitch! And every time I think about absolute pitch I recall ATARU and that cross dresser. Fond memories. Tol also composes and writes music as well.

Anyways, I highly recommend checking out Nat-Tol’s contribution to Love Sick The Series OST รักไม่มีเงื่อนไข. It’s beautiful! The OST for the drama (I’m not watching this one, I just learned of it thanks to GMM uploading the OST MVs to their YouTube channel) has some great tracks that I also recommend checking out.

You can check out an interview Tol gave Student Weekly here:

I’d love to hear more from these two as a duo, but I’m excited to dive into their solo music as well.

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