Album of the Month – Cruel Romance OST

Really, whenever NeeNee falls hard into a drama, I have a tendency to fall hard for the OST. Of course, there’s always exceptions to the rules, you know? But, I have to say that I love the OST for Chinese drama Cruel Romance. Oh…and before I forget, I’ll post more episode recaps/thoughts a bit more frequently instead of waiting until the end of the next 20 (and final 20) episodes.

Okay, back to this. Huang Xiao Ming contributes to the OST. It’s amazing! When actors contribute to the OSTs of their dramas you can get these gem of songs that really convey the emotion of the character and what they’ve gone through. I really love his song! The sad part is I’m not sure where you can buy this song or soundtrack in the US at this point. YesAsia doesn’t have it and its not in the US iTunes store. I haven’t poked around yet at other sites, but I have a feeling it’s probably not at the usual haunts either. *pouts*

You can get this on KKBOX, iTunes Taiwan (probably China, too, and other Asian countries), MyMusic, and OMusic if you have access to those sites.

Chen Qiao En, Huang Xiao Ming

1 緣 [Yuán] – Huang Xiao-Ming
Oh, what our poor hero has to go through thanks to the woman he loves. Oh, and can’t forget crazy psycho Ryuichi. And his friends. Yeah…he goes through a lot. Poor guy. Great song, don’t you think?

2 時過境遷 [The Passage of Time] – 瀋依莎 [Shen Yisha]
I think this is one of the main themes since I recognize it as a song played over and over again. It’s pretty, isn’t? For some reason, I recall some of Della Ding’s songs from Sound of the Desert when I listen to this song.

3 愛是信仰 [Ài shì xìnyǎng] – Lin Xin-Yang [Edison Lin]
I honestly don’t recall this song in the drama. I wonder if it has appeared in the first 20 episodes since it doesn’t sound all that familiar to me. Anywho, this is a ballad with a rock edge to the instrumental part of the chorus. Not really a favorite of mine, but not bad.

4 輕輕 [Qīng qīng] – 曹軒賓 [Shane Cao/Cao Xuan Bin]
This soundtrack is really filled with some great ballads. Really. I like the slight…huskiness?…of his voice. This is a very soft song and I like the strings added to the song (I think that’s what I’m hearing) it adds to the emotion and quality of the overall song. Oh, and can’t forget the piano. I love the piano in this song. There seems to be a pleading and yearning tone to this song. I like it.

5 至少愛過 [Zhìshǎo àiguò] – Rynn Lim [Lin Yu Zhong]
It’s not a bad thing, but one thing I noticed is the male ballads all kind of have a similar sound/feel to them in a way. Not that they sound identical, they don’t… This ballad has a lovely guitar melody going through it and again there is a yearning tone to this song that really stands out along with, again, the awesome guitar. Sadly, no sample for this song.

6 錯愛 [Cuò’ài] – 劉濤 [Tamia Liu/Liu Tao]
I really love this song! The chorus which has a different feel than the verses. Plus, I just love the lyrics…which I suppose is an odd thing to say since I only know very few Chinese words, but of the few I know, there’s quite a bit in here, lol. I think next to Huang Xiao Ming’s song, this is my favorite.

7 瘋 [Crazy] – 湯小康 [Jovi Theng/Tang Xiao Kang]
The  tone or…rather the quality of this song at times sounds a bit rougher around the edges. Maybe it’s just the voice of the singer, but it’s really fitting of the title. The huskiness of Tang’s voice and how he belts out the chorus kind of gives a rock vibe to this song for me and then by the end of the song we get a bit of wailing guitar to cut through the softer ballad. It’s a strangely nice combo.

8 想得太美 [Beautiful Thought] – Jeanie Zhang
A simple song that really is just her voice and a guitar. Another favorite. There’s just something I like about guitar songs…and piano songs, lol. I think this ties for my second favorite from the entire album.


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