Asian Drama Streaming Updates – May 1, 2015

Again, no new Asian dramas on Netflix, but it has added two older Jet Li movies – The Defender and Born to Defense. Since they are Jet Li movies, you can expect a lot of great action scenes.

DramaFever has added yet another School reboot. This one…School 2015. I’ve never watched a single School series. Nope, not me. Also added is another Taiwanese drama in the vein of Fated to Love You. This one starring Rainie Yang and called Drunken to Love You. I failed to finish both the original and the Korean remake. I’m excellent at starting, horrible at finishing.


  • NeeNee I always enjoy & I’m thankful for these posts that update us on what is available. Depending on the site, it’s not as easy as one would think to find what is new.
    I remember that when I first started watching kdramas I would be determined to finish a show I started. Mind you sometines I would want to throw things at the screen but I would continue hasta el final. That was then & but now I don’the think twice about dropping a show when it’s not clicking with me. Maybe I’ve gotten more picky but I find no joy in completing a drama I don’t love for the sake of being to say I completed it.

    • OMG! Me, too. I always used to feel bad, but now I’m like, stop torturing yourself with something you obviously can’t and probably won’t ever get into. Sometimes I take time off and revisit and wonder why I hated something so much, other times I realize I was justified in my initial thoughts or I wonder why I loved something as much as I once did when I first watched it.

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