Two New Korean Movies on Netflix

Yes, Korean movies, not dramas. No new dramas. Since last I checked 2013 Korean film Flu starring Jang Hyuk, Soo Ae, and Park Min Ah has been added. This movie follows the chaos of a neighborhood where people are dying like flies thanks to an airborne virus.

Also added is Jang Dong Gun’s No Tears for the Dead in which a hitman becomes remorseful after killing an innocent child and decides to save the life of his next target, the child’s mother.

And, just in case you’re interested and horribly behind on watching any dramas or keeping track really, DramaFever has added these dramas to its library over the last few weeks or so:

  • Falling in Love with Soon Jung
  • A Divorce Lawyer in Love
  • Hwa Jung
  • My Unfortunate Boyfriend
  • Murphy’s Law of Love
  • Singles Villa
  • Divorce Lawyers
  • Rosy Business
  • Sensory Couple

Hulu no longer really has anything that DramaFever doesn’t. But if for whatever reason you don’t like to watch on DramaFever, you can watch DramaFever shows via Hulu.

And let’s not forget that we also have Soompi TV now.  They are able to get some content that DramaFever doesn’t carry, so that’s nice. Although right now their drama simulcasts are the same as some of DramaFever’s. But you can get some variety shows here that you can’t necessarily elsewhere.

And if you like Japanese dramas, you can still head on over to Crunchyroll! They don’t carry much, but they always have one or two titles every season. Currently Crunchyroll has Call to Cosplay, Crazy for Me, and Mischieviouskiss 2. Don’t forget to check out their entire library which has kdramas, jdramas, and a few Singapore dramas. You might find something you can’t find on the other sites.


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