Easy General Tsao’s Chicken

So if you’ve hung around Asian Addicts Anonymous enough then you know I post stuff about food from time to time. I will go through hours of preparation and cooking to make fairly authentic Asian dishes. And then there’s me totally cheating and making some completely lazy Asian food. This was me being lazy when I had to take my grandfather into town to pick up his truck. I got most of dinner ready beforehand and then tossed it all together once we returned home.

All you need for this fairly simple recipe (plus some oil and onions which aren’t pictured):

And here are the steps:

  1. Prepare popcorn chicken according to package directions. I highly recommend Tyson Anytizers. Their frozen chicken is amazing. In fact, I used their garlic chicken in another Lazy Asian recipe. I weeded out the small pieces that are mainly just breading and will turn into mini pebbles when cooked. Obviously you don’t have to cook an entire bag. This amount that I made was turned into two meals for two people, so essentially this makes 4-8 servings depending on how much you take at once.
  2. Rinse rice and cook. I made a cup of dry rice which is 2 cups of cooked rice. Make however much you like. My grandfather isn’t really a rice fan. He always forgoes it whenever I make stir fry. I have a cheapo rice cooker. I love it so much! I always had such problems cooking nice rice before and now it’s easy breezy.
  3. Once your popcorn chicken is fulled cooked, now is the time to get out your wok or fry pan and toss in a little oil, not a lot. Heat that up and toss in half an onion. You want to make sure the pan is hot enough to sear the onion, but still leave it with a nice crispiness.gt-stirfry
  4. Once the onion is partially cooked, toss in your chicken and add the sauce. Add as much as you like. If you like super spicy, add a lot. If you like minimal spice, just make sure you use enough to fully coat the chicken.
  5. By now your rice should be done. Throw your frozen veggies (I used Green Giant Teriyaki steamers) in the microwave. Once they have finished cooking, you can either mix them in with the chicken or the rice or leave them as a separate side.

Believe it or not, the sweeter teriyaki went well with the spicy General Tsao’s. I enjoyed it. My grandfather liked it. Although he didn’t like it as much as the hash brown pizza I made for dinner last night. Go figure. Asian is not his style. He’s an old country boy who prefers meat and potatoes.

If I had more time, I would have made up my lumpia potstickers which are sitting frozen from…sometime last year (shhh, don’t tell). Actually, I have a freezer bag of red bean baozi that needs to be eaten, too. I spend entire mornings and days when I make that stuff. Baozi’s are evil because you have to steam ALL of them before freezing. That takes a LOT of time.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy the recipe. Not true Asian cuisine in the least, but it works when you’re craving something Asian-inspired, but are pressed for time.


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