New Asian Movies on Netflix April 2015

So two new Asian movies on Netflix. One is an action flick starring Liu Shi Shi, Brotherhood of the Blades in which assassins in the final days of the Ming Dynasty end up embroiled in a power struggle and the other is a documentary, The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, about the famed Studio Ghibli which produces all those great animated films by Miyazaki. You follow Miyazaki and two others for a year.

No new dramas that I can see since the last post, but there are more dramas that have left the library: Cheongdam-dong Alice, Dr. Jin, Five Fingers, Faith aka The Great Doctor, A Gentleman’s Dignity, A Hundred Year’s Inheritance, Rooftop Prince, To the Beautiful You, Vampire Prosecutor Season 2. That brings the total number of known Korean dramas to 25 (if my count is right)…out of a grand total of 80 that were once streaming.

Looks like all the Taiwanese dramas they have are still in tact. As always, you can find the full list of known Asian dramas streaming on Netflix here:

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