Song of the Week – กลายเป็นรัก by Mac Weerapon

So I’ve been very remiss in posting. I’ve been busy, busy by getting ready for Easter and trying to finish my last holdover project from Christmas. I failed that yet again, but I’m almost done! I’ve also been watching Thai drama ร้อยเล่ห์เสน่ห์ลวง [Roy Lae Sanae Luang]. My drama watching habits have yet to improve. Oh well. They probably never will.

Of course, whenever I start watching a drama I tend to fall for the theme songs. One of the main themes for this drama is กลายเป็นรัก (Glai Bpen Ruk/Change to Love) by Mac Weerapon.

I just love this song and the lyrics really fit the drama. This song is told more from the perspective of our leading male who is out seeking revenge on the family of the man who destroyed his own family’s lives. Of course he falls for the man’s youngest daughter and he becomes torn between love and revenge.

And of course you need to mention the other main theme of the drama, เพลงฉันรอพบเธอ! Again the lyrics really do suit the drama and to me seem to be more through the woman’s eyes.


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