Black Bean Tuna Noodles

K.WillI’ve kind of been wanting to make this dish for a while. Actually…I’ve been curious to try various dishes showcased on KBS’s Happy Together Late Night Cafeteria segment. That section of this variety show is for celebrities to compete for the best late night snack. Only MCs Park Myung Soo and Yoo Jae Suk are able to taste the concoctions and based on their reactions and commentaries, the other MCs and guests vote on which item they want to try and then vote on whether or not it makes the menu. K.Will has failed multiple times and even made in on the Wall of Shame. He managed to score a spot on the menu finally with this dish.

ottogi-black-bean-sauce-mixThe original recipe had tuna fish canned in black bean sauce, corn, and noodles. I only carry tuna fish packed in water and I have no idea if the small local Asian market carries such a thing. I did, however, have a package of Ottogi Black Bean Sauce Mix that my eonni bought for me when she visited my dad’s family in Alabama last spring. And I had already decided that I wanted to try making this and bought some precooked udon noodles. The noodles kind of had a funky flavor. Not sure I’d do precooked again unless I rinsed the noodles before cooking them. Or maybe they would have less of an odd flavor if I had actually stir fried them first.

I can’t really tell you serving size, but this filled half of my small wok and we had a lot left over. You can play around with the recipe and cut it down.


1 package Ottogi Black Bean Sauce Mix
1/2 cup water
1 small onion cut into strips
1 can whole kernel corn
1-2 cans tuna fish
1/2 – 1 cup chicken broth
1 package KA-ME Udon Stiry Fry Noodles (or whatever noodles you want to use, just make sure to prepare them first if you’re not using precooked)


  1. Prepare the sauce as directed (mix the sauce powder with 1/2 a cup of water and mix until smooth).
  2. Put the tuna fish, corn, and onion into a wok. Cook until heated through and onion is crisp tender. Add the prepared sauce and your chicken broth.
  3. Once that is heated through, add your udon noodles and cook for 2 minutes. Serve.

KA-ME-Udon-Stir-Fry-NoodlesI added the chicken broth because if you look at the directions on the back of the sauce mix, it tells you to mix the sauce with only half a cup of water, but you’re then supposed to add this sauce to veggies that have been boiling in 3-1/2 cups of water. Adding chicken broth dilutes the strength (and beany flavor) of the sauce and I think made it even yummier. I do recommend two cans of tuna fish as one can didn’t seem to be enough to get fish in every bite. I also only drained half the liquid off my corn (I didn’t have fresh or frozen on hand) and I didn’t drain the water off the tuna fish at all.

It’s pretty good that my grandfather went back for seconds since he’s never been a fan of a lot of the Asian food I make, so that makes me think this recipe is a keeper.

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