New Asian Goodies on Netflix

I’ve been out sick for the past 2-3 weeks. It wasn’t fun. I’m finally on the upswing at long last! And just in time! Netflix has added a new movie that I definitely want to check out. This Korean movie is called Miss Granny and stars Shim Eun Kyung who recently had the starring role in Korean drama Tomorrow’s Cantabile. The movie is about an elderly widow who learns she is to be put in a home for the elderly. She ends up at a photograph studio and comes out as a young woman in her 20s! The scenes look so cute. B1A4 leader Jin Young stars in this movie…as the grandson to our younger granny…I think.

Doesn’t it look cute? Also added is Once Upon a Time in Shanghai starring Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Philip Ng, Andy On, and Chan Koon-Tai. The movie follows a young martial artist who becomes embroiled in a gang war in Shanghai.

New in the drama department is the long Chinese drama The Legend of Zhen Huan (Netflix has the first six episodes under Empresses in the Palace. I recommend checking out Heisui’s My Drama Tea for episode reviews and pretty pictures from that drama.


  • Thank you for letting me know!

  • Wow! I think that is one of the first long Chinese dramas added. Miss Granny is really good and what convinced me that Shim Eun Kyung would be great in the K-version Cantabile!

  • For LZH on Netflix, it is the US version which is shortened (super super shortened)

    • It’s sad when the create edited & shortened versions.

      • I know right? 76 episodes into 6 episodes?! How is this possible?

        • I was going to try watching it there but will stick to watching it elsewhere where it hasn’t been edited that much.

          • I think for those who are not willing to watch the full drama, maybe the shortened version is like a good introduction to get the overall story? The problem is that it leaves out some details that explain deeper meanings behind things. Even when I watched the full version there were so many details that I missed!

  • Yay for Legend of Zhen Huan being on Netflix :3

  • I love your updates about NF. Thank you. That is my favorite place to catch up on Korean entertainment (because Roku works most efficiently with NF). Too bad they do not have currently running Kdrama. I keep hoping that NF will pick up the slack that Hulu left when they terminated their contract with MBC.

    • I’m glad you like these posts.

      I do my drama watching mainly on DramaFever. Sometimes the Roku app can be buggy, but it works fairly well 99% of the time. Plus, I always liked that if I paid DramaFever…or Crunchyroll or Kdrama now Soompi TV, I didn’t have to still sit through the commercials Hulu forces you to watch.

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