First Impressions of Kdrama Blood

Vampire dramas. I have no idea why, but if it involves vampires, I’m game to sample a drama or watch a movie or read a book. There’s a lot out there – good, bad, ugly. This drama revolves around a male doctor infected with a virus that makes him a vampire. He inherited this disease from his parents. From the way it sounds, this man is the first pure-born vampire since he was born with the virus while both parents were infected, not born.

The drama stars Ahn Jae Hyun as our vampire doctor Park Ji Sang. He’s playing a character whose nearly 10 years his senior, but since he’s a vampire it’s okay that he still looks so young. The virus gives him longevity and crazy self-healing abilities, not to mention super strength, speed, and fighting skills. He has a pill cocktail that keeps his hunger for blood in check while he’s performing surgeries.Ahn Jae Hyun

This drama has only aired like two episodes, but I’m already confused and wondering just what is going on. I’m sure everything will be revealed in good time, but you are left scratching your head in just how we get to the events that open the drama and lead Dr. Park to Tae Min Hospital. Oh, sure, we get that Ji Jin Hee’s character Lee Jae Wook wants Park because he’s the first pure vampire. What we don’t know exactly is why. Sure, it’s definitely for nefarious purposes…but we don’t have a clue exactly to what those purposes are as of yet or why the Park parents split off from the rest of the infected and why Jae Wook is so upset that he only got “respect” in return for Park and his mother’s lives.

There wasn’t quite enough done with the flashbacks and back story. I’m hoping that they will continue to add more and more onto that as we go. Episode two did go into some depth of the events that were left unexplained in episode one, mainly with Park’s mother’s video message. We finally get to see it all. There’s still a lot left unresolved with what happened to the little girl’s parents in the woods. I’m sure we all know that little girl has grown up to be the cocky over confident and supremely annoying Yu Ri Ta (Gu Hye Sun). Yes, lots of negative adjectives. I’m not saying Gu Hye Sun is doing a bad job at acting, but I really just hate the portrayal of the character. There’s something that is so affected and fake about Ri Ta that the character as a whole is grating on my nerves after only an episode really. I don’t like the way she talks at all, and talk about not taking responsibility for her actions and unwillingness to listen. While she says she never has used her connections in her position, you know she’s lying. She addresses the chairman as “uncle” instead of by his title. Oh, I’m sure she has skills, but you can’t deny its family connections that have helped her get to where she is so quickly.

I don’t know why as the actions scenes really are done rather well, but with all the slo-mo going on, I do have to laugh. It amuses me. Slow motion in fight scenes doesn’t need to be used quite as much as they are using it as it turns some things into hyperbole where I’m sure it’s not meant to be. I really love the lack of obvious wire use in the fight scenes. It’s just a pet peeve of mine. I really don’t like the obvious wire work and impossible moves usually seen. It’s just my personal preference. I prefer things to be grounded a bit more in reality…even with fantasy.

Despite the unintentional funny, there’s some nice comedic splashes to this drama which break up more of the seriousness and heaviness at times. Ji Sang’s friend Joo Hyun Woo (Jung Hae In) and robot L.O.V.V.Y really do help add those light moments. Nothing like gifting a pervert robot dedicated to helping Ji Sang find love to the stoic and serious vampire. Hyun Woo’s main unction seems to be digging into the mystery behind Ji Sang’s illness and his parents’ deaths. Ah, he also makes the pills that Ji Sang takes to control his hunger. Since Ji Sang is a doctor, I’m surprised he’s not making his own drugs. Plus, while the dorky side kick is a must, it seems kind of odd given Ji Sang’s very cold personality. He doesn’t even care to know anyone’s names. He just wants to know their positions. He’s also not into boot licking or butt kissing. I’m sure that will cause problems, especially with Kim Gab Soo’s chairman asking Ji Sang to take care of Ri Ta, his precious only niece.

Ah, Kim Gab Soo. I’m missing his portrayal of warmer, nicer characters. Sure the chairman at first seems like a good person, but his relationship with the evil director and doctor Jae Wook and scenes of their conversations have me thinking that the Chairman might be privy in some way of Jae Wook’s nefarious plans. Speaking of Jae Wook. Ji Jin Hee in the bad role…it’s different. I’m used to seeing him as a good guy in dramas. Given the man hasn’t aged one bit since 1979, I’m guessing he’s probably a vampire, too, though he hadn’t exhibited any signs as of yet. And just what is that gold liquid he drank and the reaction he had?

Ne, did you notice? Lee Ji Hoon is in this drama! He doesn’t have a big role. He plays J. He’s just a lackey of Jae Wook’s. He’s part of the team that’s been hunting and watching the Parks. I do like him even though I’ve not watched any of his movies or dramas. I like him thanks to his participation in the badminton segment of Cool Kiz on the Block, so I’m happy to see him in this drama. He’s got potential. He’s doing a great job as the evil lackey so far.

I am liking Ahn’s portrayal of Park Ji Sang. He’s doing a good job. He’s got that expressionless, or annoyed and bored face, down well. And while Ri Ta might be unjustly arrogant, his arrogance is well justified in his surgical abilities and all that he can do. My biggest worry is if I can stand Ri Ta’s character through the drama if things aren’t changed, and if they can piece together this jigsaw puzzle of a drama in a way that will make sense. There’s a lot of things going on and it can be hard to tie them all together. This drama has all the crazy vampire stuff going on along with all the hospital politics and drama. What is interesting was the introduction to a system where different departments can put a stop to a surgery if they find something wrong. While this process is shown, and Ri Ta gets a chance to defend her surgery case, I don’t see where this was actually resolved enough to where she was actually allowed to do surgery as one department led by Dr. Jung Ji Tae never agreed to her method. What he did agree would work was not Ri Ta’s proposal, but Ji Sang’s proposal of doing the risky, but more likely to succeed, Appleby Procedure.

Anywho, I’ll probably give a few more episodes a try and see if things straighten out and Ri Ta’s character drops the affectations. This drama does have potential, but I put no faith in a drama’s potential any more given how easily writers, producers, and even actors can screw things up.

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  • i also love all that is vampire. liked this one a lot and yes dislike Yoo Ri Ta. I don’t think it’s the actresses fault tho Ri Ta is just a very annoying character to begin with (hope she will change soon).

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