You’re All Surrounded Comes to Netflix

Only one new Korean drama title to add to Netflix’s recent burst of Asian, or rather, Korean dramas being added. You’re All Surrounded stars Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won. This drama follows rookie detectives and their bumbling around becoming a strong team under seasoned veteran. I’ve never given this show a try. I think I might have watched the first episode or at least part of it and that was it. I remember hearing good things about this drama last year, bad things, and some mixed reviews. The full list is here.

And as an update of Korean dramas, they don’t tell you this on the show page, but Vampire Prosecutor is the second season, which I supposed you’d know if you read the comments or pay attention to the show’s year. If you want to see the first, you have to head to DramaFever or Hulu.

In Asian movies, they have added the Korean movie Traffickers. The movie stars Choi Daniel and Lim Chang Jung. A former organ trafficker gets back in the business to save the father of the woman he loves.

One comment

  • I just knocked out 20 episodes of You’re all Surrounded in two days and must say what a great show. Got hooked the 1st 10 minutes of episode 1 and couldn’t stop. Great actors, outstanding characters, interesting stories with many twist and turns. Telling my age but ranks up there with a show like “Hill Street Blues” from the USA..if there’s a 2nd season then I’m in for the long haul…if not thanks to all the actors for making it a good one and thanks for the memories!!!

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