Album of the Month: Action Bii

I’m forgoing my Song of the Week (which had been several songs from OSTs the past few weeks, lol) to do an Album of the Month post. This is actually for the month of January. I listened to Bii’s “I Wanna Say” quite a bit after my grandmother passed away in December (the full album was officially released the day before she would have turned 75), and then I started listening to more of the album as I realized that a good portion of the songs are actually featured in Taiwanese drama Someone Like You‘s OST. The album is well-balanced with upbeat dance songs and emotional ballads. As always with Bii, the songs feature Mandarin, English, and Korean lyrics. And you wouldn’t have an album by Bii without at least one song with some rapping. Bii’s not a masterful rapper by far, but his rapping does work for him and his music somehow.

Action Bii by Bii
Released: 19 December 2014

01. Action Go!

This is probably my least favorite song on this album, but I don’t hate it; there are parts that are quite nice. This is more of a fun upbeat song and I won’t skip it if it comes on, but if I choose the music, this won’t be one I’d willingly go to right way.

02. By My Side

This is the first ballad of the album. I love the guitar and piano/keyboard in this song. The feel of the song is one of yearning and the almost whispered parts of the chorus really add this haunting feel to the song. There’s also good use of Bii’s falsetto. I’m not always a fan of falsetto, but I don’t mind it in this song.

03. I Wanna Say

Overall, this is my go to song on this album. I love this song to pieces. I first listened to this song just before my grandmother passed away and then listened to it quite a bit afterward. I can’t really explain it, but this song just resonates and touches a chord with me. This is most likely because with a rough translation of the lyrics mixed with the melody, and Bii’s emotional and passionate singing which really seemed to suit that time.

04. 你在ㄍㄧㄥ什麼? Baby Don’t

After two ballads, it’s time for a dance song with a rock edge. This song has a nice beat and I sing along with the repetition of “everybody, everybody go”. It’ a fairy typical dance song, but I do like.

05. 我還想念你 Im Still Missing You

Gah. This song is the theme for Someone Like You. When you watch the opening scenes with this music, it’s really touching, especially when you know the story of the drama and how Kingone’s character just can’t get over his fiancee’s death even though a few years have already passed. Bii’s strength really does lie in his ballads. This song does carry that yearning of missing and longing for someone and wishing you could see them and be with them once more.

06. 我們在愛中漫步 We Are Walking in Love

Yes, another ballad. I like the piano in this song, yes I do. The way this song is sung reminds you of a sad song since it’s a ballad at times, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be. It does talk about the realities of love and how there are grey days along with the happy times.

07. Break Me Down

Nope, no break in the ballads. I’m not 100% certain if this breaking down is like a bad thing because of how the person is treating him, or if it’s just the thing where a person breaks down your defenses and you fall for them. Though, I’m more willing to bet on the former than the latter. This was one of the few songs not available on YouTube to share with you.

08. 我愛妳不會改變 (bad Google translation has the title as I Love You Not Change)

Another ballad. This one sees less of the falsetto that Bii tends to use in his other ballads. Sure, you’ll probably still hear some, but not as much as in other songs. I like this song even though there is less change in the dynamics of his singing. Again, this one wasn’t actually uploaded to the official YouTube channel.

09. Find the Way

This song was released earlier this year on the collaborative album Imperative 2 which featured Ian Chen, Dino Lee, Andrew Tan, and Bii. This song breaks from the standard ballads of this album as it is more uptempo. It’s a song about finding your way on while struggling on the hard road towards your dream. The MV for this song has some really cute behind the scenes moments. While repetitive, I really love the chorus for this song.

10. 黑與白 Black and White

We end the album with a ballad. This is different from the other ballads on this album. There’s a string instrument and I can’t determine if it’s more of a traditional instrument or not. It had a new layer to the song that you don’t get in the other songs. This is quite dynamic with Bii going back from soft to loud and there is a nice piano solo that I love.

Tons of ballads, but like I said ballads are what Bii does best. He does do some great songs with a bit of a rock edge, but you don’t hear too many of them in this album. If you enjoy the music, support Bii and buy the album!

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