First Impressions: Kill Me, Heal Me

I’ve been avoiding a lot of new dramas and just kind of doing what I want. Then I saw the trailers for Kill Me, Heal Me and was intrigued. Then I saw episode clips and previews and was intrigued some more. I was also kind of happy to see Hwang Jung Eum working with Ji Sung again. While this drama is not a light drama in a lot of ways, it is a whole lot lighter than their previous 2013 drama Secret Love. These two did have some really great chemistry together. So…I really just took the plunge and marathoned the first 8 episodes this past weekend.

Ji SungThis drama is awesome! I wouldn’t have steadily marathoned this into the wee hours of the morning if it wasn’t. I think the best part of the drama is Ji Sung and his handling of the complex character of Cha Do Hyun who is beleaguered with several personalities. I have to say the first personalities of Do Hyun’s we meet (himself, Se Gi, and Perry Park) really seemed to pop and were so distinct and different. The twins he has…well…Ahn Yo Sub isn’t a stand out and while Ji Sung acting as the teenage idol-crazy girl Ahn Yo Na is very entertaining that personality doesn’t do as much for me. It’s really Se Gi and Cha Do Hyun that are probably the best. It’s almost like twins battling it out instead of separate personalities. I haven’t seen NaNa yet, so can’t say much about that personality.

It’s also really interesting to see how Oh Ri Jin opens up Cha Do Hyun until his main personality acts more as a whole of his fractured personalities. He loses some of his perfect schoolboy charm and acts as petulantly and forceful as Se Gi can.

I guess I should back up. This Korean drama focuses on Cha Do Hyun, a rich (illegitimate it appears) chaebol heir who develops split personalities after a childhood trauma. He discovers the personalities for the first time 10 years ago (while studying overseas in the US) and has sought counseling to rein his personalities in. Since he is afraid of what his other personalities will do, he keeps everyone at arms length to the point he has no friends. He does have the ever trusty Secretary Ahn who does his best to keep the secret from the media and Do Hyun’s own family. He meets Oh Ri Jin upon his return to Korea who is a first year psychiatric intern. His personality Se Gi falls for Ri Jin at first sight and starts pursuing her. Do Hyun hires her as his personal doctor to help him to help combat Se Gi who is trying to overtake Do Hyun as the main personality after trying to keep Ri Jin away does not work.

Ji SungSe Gi. He’s the tough guy, the bad ass. He’s the personality who will beat someone half to death for little reason. While he’s such a man’s man, he is very much a little boy. That is something Do Hyun and Se Gi have in common, they are both very innocent in certain ways that make them appear very young, like they haven’t necessarily grown up over the years. Point in fact is Se Gi’s courtship of Ri Jin. When tempting her to choose him over Do Hyun, he has tons of things prepared to woo her, but they are all childish. It’s no wonder that Ri Jin’s initial reaction is laughter and disbelief telling him that she’s an adult, not a child. This really lets you see that even though Se Gi is the darker, bad personality, he’s not really bad, but more of a young petulant boy, thorny and acting out for attention and protection.

Ok, so back to where I was going. Hwang Jung Eum is a great actress. She can do comedy and melodrama quite well. That being said, I am not enamored with some of her actions as Oh Ri Jin as they really do seem WAY over the top and that is something that I don’t like. Hyperbole can work, it can, and other times it is just too much. Sometimes Ri Jin is too over the top and I want to smack her. Then she has her really cute and adorable and very caring moments. I’m really happy when she does tone down her reactions.

I love the Oh family as you can see how close they are and just how much love is there – even with the birth secret, which did not shock me. Nope. It’s kind of hard to shock me at all these days for whatever reason. Oh Ri Ohn is awesome. I really am looking forward to seeing more dramas with Park Seo Joon. He is a good up and coming actor. And while Hwang Jung Eum does not look older than he does (she shouldn’t given she’s like only 3 year his senior)…I just really can’t believe them as twins even though they do kind of give off a cute sibling vibe. I would consider her more the older sister with Ri Ohn being the younger brother versus Ri Ohn being the “oppa” since he’s the older of the twins.

I am really curious as to just what happened and how the Ohs ended up adopting Ri Jin and making her their son’s twin sister. I’m also curious how Ri Ohn learned of all of this and is even investigating Cha Do Hyun who does have some connection to Ri Jin’s past. Isn’t it interesting that both Ri Jin and Do Hyun both have missing memories from the same time span in their childhood? They both hate basements and fires. I do have to say I can do without any developing feelings on Ri Ohn’s part for his sister. Sure, he knows they aren’t blood related, but they grew up as siblings for all of these years, etc.

Since the Ohs are all sunshine and roses with their relationships with one another, of course our chaebol will come from a complicated family. We have a scheming uncle who wishes to overtake the family business, a grandmother who despises her grandson and his mother and only wants them round to protect the business for her precious son who is currently in a coma, and a cousin who doesn’t seem too horrible, but is actually quite bad. Oh…and let’s not forget that Do Hyun’s hyung (again it seems to me Ji Sung gives off an older vibe than his cousin, but whatever) is engaged to be married to Do Hyun’s first love. I don’t think they had to go as much to the extreme as they do with this family, but they do. I don’t like anyone in his family right now. Oh, his mommy isn’t bad. You know that she does love her son, but she’s also a schemer and makes things worse.

I am enjoying this drama so far, even though I can predict certain plot elements. I can be wrong, but I’m fairly certain of what is coming next in plot development. I think it’s a high possibility that Ri Jin is Nana, the illegitimate daughter of Do Hyun’s step-mother (since he’s his father’s illegitimate child, that would make them no blood relation) and that the two were once trapped in a basement and subject to a house fire together. Ri Jin’s past memories have all but disappeared from that event and Do Hyun’s personality shattered from his experience.

I am looking forward to exactly how they bring everything together. Will Do Hyun’s fractured personality be mended? Will Ri Jin recall the past that she’s forgotten and recall why Se Gi says she’s called to him for a long time now?


  • I just started watching KMHM and, although I want to love it, the character of Ri Jin is killing it for me. I love Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum together in Secret, but her character here has me stuck on episode 4 and considering dropping it 😦

    • Ri Jin’s character definitely has some off-putting moments, but I do recommend sticking it out as there really is more good in the drama than some of Ri Jin’s extreme acting.

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