Music of the Week – Kill Me, Heal Me OST

Yes, I should stick to only one song, shouldn’t I? But…it’s sometimes hard to just pick a single song from an OST. I spent the weekend marathoning Korean drama Kill Me, Heal Me. The music for the drama really seems to go hand in hand with the drama quite well. It seems to be so rare to have rap songs feature so prominently into a drama’s theme song. Sure, you might get more of the female vocalist’s part than the rap song at times, but it’s an interesting collaboration and almost a mashup of two different songs when you hear the fierce rapping and almost ethereal vocals of the chorus. This really suits a drama about a man suffering from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder aka Split Personalities).

First up is “Auditory Hallucination” (very fitting for just the musicality of the song) by Jang Jae In featuring NaShow.

Next up is “Healing Love” – a ballad duet between Luna from f(x) and Choi Yi from LU:KUS.

Another great ballad for the OST comes from R&B textbook Moon Myung Jin. I grew to love him through his performances on Immortal Songs 2. His song for this OST, “Unspeakable Secret” is just amazing.

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