Asian Dramas on Netflix, February 16, 2015

Man oh man. It has been awhile since Netflix had an Asian drama explosion. They tend to lose more dramas than what they add, but since January, they have been adding new dramas like crazy, Korean dramas that is. You can find the full list of Asian dramas on Netflix here.

Recently added is the medical drama Angel Eyes starring Gu Hye Sun and Lee Sang Yoon (Liar Game). We have a young couple separated for several years who rediscover each other and there’s a whole complicated plot behind the tragedies in their past…really…the general plot doesn’t sound too new, does it? I’ve only watched the first two episodes. I loved our younger cast. I’m sure the adult cast was fine as well. I’ll probably get around to finishing this drama eventually.

Choi Jin HyukGu Family Book also makes its way to Netflix. I have only watched the first episode of this drama, but it was highly popular and a giant success. This drama really helped catapult Choi Jin Hyuk to super stardom. This drama also stars the very popular Suzy of Miss A and Lee Seung Gi.

Another popular favorite that I never finished is The Moon Embracing the Sun. I think there may have been many who complained of the ending. This drama had an awesome young cast. The adult cast wasn’t that bad. This drama starred Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, Song Jae Rim, and Jung Il Woo.

I have heard mixed reviews of the Goddess of Marriage starring Nam Sang Mi, Lee Sang Woo, and Kim Ji Hoon. One of the big things of this drama had to do with marriage, obviously, and some very complicated relationships.

I can’t remember what Asian movies I said already hit Netflix, so do bear with me if I repeat some. Action hero Donnie Yen’s Iceman is now available. Warriors get frozen, wake up hundreds of years later and continue where their fight left off. In Korean cinema we have Tabloid Truth which follows a manager’s investigation into the suicide of his star. Also available is the Taiwanese movie Stray Dogs about a father and his two children living on the outskirts of Taipei.


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