Music of the Week – Love Commands OST

Okay, for this week I could not choose one single song. Instead, I’d really rather like to recommend an entire OST for a Thai lakorn. Really, when watching a drama, songs really become important and you fall in love with them…maybe because you hear them so darn often.

The drama is Love Commands (รักประกาศิต; Rak Prakasit) which stars Aff Taksaorn Paksukcharoen and Poh Nattawut Skidjai as our leading couple. I’ll be doing an overall review of the drama later.

The first song is “Rak Prakasit” and you can guess that since it shares the name with the actual drama, then it’s the main theme. There is a female version sung by Lula and a male version sung by Poh himself. I like both versions. I really do like it in the drama when Aff and Poh sing the song together. A cute moment. I really do like the English lyrics for the song as well. If you can find the translation, it’s really fitting for the drama.

Another song heard quite often through the drama is “Dui Hua Jai” (ด้วยหัวใจ) by Boy Peacemaker. This is another great song that I do love to listen to. He’s a great Thai artist and I love a lot of his OST contributions.

I had not heard of Thai band Good Morning until this drama. I think I’m definitely going to look for more by them now. This is a great ballad called “Mai Mee Het Pon”…I don’t know the English title for the song.

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do!

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