Song of the Week: 831 “Why I Cried”

831 is an emo-punk band that released their first album Save the World in 2008 with Universal Music Taiwan. I just discovered them last year with the release of their album The Great Escape, which is their first album release in 2 and a half years (which is most likely why I haven’t heard of them before). I’m in love with this band and their music! This is why the Song of the Week goes to their ballad “Why I Cried.” It’s a beautiful song.

If you enjoyed this song…and I think the song I included in my best of Cantopop/Mandopop post, please support them!

八三夭 (831)
The Great Escape
Released: 28 November 2014
Buy on iTunes :: YesAsia

iTunes Tracklist
01. The Great Escape
02. No Sincerity No Love
03. Mercury Retrograde
04. Monster
05. Why I Cried
06. BFF (feat. Genie Chuo, Freya Lim, Shi Shi)
07. Yoleh
08. Iron Man
09. Super Idol
10. The Great Escape
11. Old Classroom
YesAsia Tracklist
01. 大逃殺
02. 無誠勿愛
03. 水星逆行
04. 怪物
05. 我怎麼哭了
06. 熊麻吉
07. 搖勒搖勒
08. 鋼鐵人
09. 超級偶像
10. The Great Escape
11. 老教室


  • Interesting! I haven’t been listening to Taiwanese singers lately… This is good.

    • Yes, they were an awesome discovery last year with their comeback album. You can check out my Best of 2014 series. I have tons of Taiwanese music there. 🙂

      • Ooooh thanks! I will!

  • Katherine Kitterlin

    Saw the drama fever behind your smile and fell immediately in love with 831! So sorry I speak only English, so need to find online source to learn Mandarin, cause I gotta be able to understand the lyrics. Do they have a fan site? I would love to learn bout the singer and musicians.

    • I don’t know about an international fan site, but they do have an official Facebook page you can follow: Facebook does have that translation feature…which isn’t the best, but not the worst either.

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