Chinese Music Favorites 2014

Well, more like Chinese, Taiwanese, and Cantonese (that’s music from Hong Kong…right?). This playlist is at nearly 100, but that is mainly because I actually put in a lot of songs from whole albums because I loved the albums as a whole (and I loved the artists, too of course).

If you find something you enjoy, don’t forget to support the artists!

Best Collaborations

Gillian Chung has a gorgeous voice and her duet with Adason Lo is beautiful and addicting! If you watched the drama In a Good Way, you should know Adrian who sang the opening theme “Good Morning, Hard City” which was amazing. His duet with Freya Lim is just awesome. The combo of Andrew, Bii, Ian, and Dino made for an awesome song (sung in very decent English!) and later in 2014 both Ian and Dino made their solo debuts. Aaron Yan’s and G.Na’s collaboration was a total and happy surprise in 2014 as was Yoga Lin’s rock collaboration with the band Elephant Gym. I love Ian Chen and he’s the real reason behind me adding the duet with Miu Chu.

  1. Gillian Chung featuring Adason Lo (星星的眼淚) – iTunes :: YouTube
  2. Freya Lim featuring Adrian Fu (Free Spirit) – iTunes :: YouTube
  3. Andrew Tan, Bii, Dino, Ian Chen (Everything Changes) – iTunes :: YouTube
  4. Aaron Yan featuring G.Na (1/2) – iTunes; Google Play; Amazon MP3 :: YouTube
  5. Weibird Wei featuring MATZKA (Treasure Island) – iTunes :: YouTube
  6. Yoga Lin featuring Elephant Gym (Speaking in Tongues) – iTunes; Google Play; Amazon MP3 :: YouTube
  7. Miu Chu featuring Ian Chen (Same Frequency) – iTunes :: YouTube

Ian, Bii, Dino, Andrew Tan

Best Male Artists

I have no idea if I’d listened to any of Roger Yang’s songs before, but I’m definitely keeping my ears peeled for more from him. His latest album Beast in the Dark is full of great songs—great ballads. I’m in love with his music! I’ve enjoyed Bii since his debut and thanks to their collaboration, I was turned onto the newly debuted Ian Chen who is awesome! And Weibird/William Wei! He’s just…yeah. He’s great. His was the second of album that I thoroughly enjoyed last year enough to gush about it. Then there’s the discovery of Silence Wang whose album I cannot find in the US, which is sad. And the baby of Fahrenheit is keeping busy with solo albums and back-to-back acting projects. Aaron is all grown up now and his music has matured as well.

  1. Roger Yang (Beast in the Dark) – iTunes
    1. Lonely Lovers – YouTube
    2. Nothing But the End – YouTube
    3. 50 Steps – YouTube
  2. Sean Li (流浪記) – YesAsia :: YouTube
  3. Weibird - Journey Into the NightWilliam Wei/Weibird (Journey into the Night)
    1. Drained – YouTube
    2. Wolves – YouTube
    3. Mask – YouTube
    4. By Your Side – YouTube
    5. Sinking Ship – YouTube
  4. Zhang He Xuan (夢裡的淚) – YouTube
  5. Li Jian Qing (The World For You) – iTunes; YesAsia :: YouTube
  6. Ken Hung (相識以後) – iTunes :: YouTube
  7. Bii (Imperative 2: Everything Changes; Action Bii)
    1. I Wanna Say – YouTube
    2. Find The Way – YouTube
    3. I’m Still Missing You – YouTube
    4. We Are Walking in Love – YouTube
    5. By My Side – YouTube
    6. Baby Don’t – YouTube
  8. Hsiao Hung Jen
    1. 我的世界沒有你的音準 – YouTube
    2. 怎麼了 – iTunes :: YouTube
    3. One More Chance – iTunes :: YouTube
  9. Adason Lo (The Inventions)
    1. 彩虹橋 – YouTube
    2. 看不見的距離(國) – YouTube
  10. Silence Wang (傳世樂章)
    1. Chuanshi Yuezhang – YouTube
    2. Qing – YouTube
  11. Waterman (TO YOU) – YouTube
  12. Sean Pang (琥珀) – YesAsia :: YouTube
  13. Nylon Chen (說愛你以後) – YouTube
  14. Ian Chen (Yun Wen Yun Wu)
    1. Wolf and Sheep – YouTube
    2. Gene Says I Love You – YouTube
    3. Nobody and Princess – YouTube
    4. Sleepless Happiness – YouTube
    5. Revolution – iTunes
  15. Justin Lo (I Miss Love) – iTunes :: YouTube
  16. Adrian Fu (妳要我愛什麼)  – iTunes :: YouTube
  17. Aaron Yan (Drama, Cut)
    1. That’s Not Me – iTunes :: YouTube
    2. Unstoppable Sun – YouTube
    3. The Unwanted Love – YouTube
    4. No Cut – YouTube
  18. Calvin Chen (How Has Love Been) – iTunes :: YouTube
  19. Alien Huang (Love Song) – iTunes :: YouTube
  20. Show Lo (Pleasure from Love) – YouTube
  21. Hu Ge (Take Over) – YesAsia :: YouTube
  22. Hins Cheung (Moprh)
    1. 靈魂相認 – YouTube
    2. 最卑微的願望 – YouTube
  23. Dino Lee (搖滾小日子)
    1. Let Go, Travel – YouTube
    2. The Moment You Left – YouTube
Hu Ge as Mo Xun

Hu Ge

Best Bands/Groups

Magic Power has been around since 2009. I haven’t heard of them until now. Mayday remains a favorite. They haven’t had much in Taiwanese releases in 2014, but they did release an album with a few Japanese songs, one which was the theme for a Sato Takeru drama! And I can’t tell if Fun4 actually released anything in 2014 because I can find a new album from them…but I do love them! I hadn’t heard of katncandix2 before. It’s a male-female duo and this song is great. It starts slow and builds up to an addictive beat and melody.

  1. Magic Power (Secretly) – iTunes :: YouTube
  2. Mr. (Love & Peace) – iTunes :: YouTube
  3. Mayday
    1. True Stories (Shi Tou solo) – iTunes :: YouTube
    2. Do You Ever Shine? (Japanese EP) – iTunes
  4. C AllStar (家書) – YesAsia :: YouTube
  5. RubberBand (We Are One) – YesAsia :: YouTube
  6. Fun4樂團 (Time Train) – YouTube
  7. EXO-M (Overdose) – iTunes :: YouTube
  8. katncandix2 (Everything is Made from a Dream) – iTunes :: YouTube
  9. 831 (The Great Escape) – iTunes :: YouTube

Angela Zhang

Best Female Artists

Della Wu’s contributions to OSTs are generally good. I really fell hard for her Sound of the Desert songs. Claire Kuo is a female artist whom I follow quite often. I love her music! And Jia Jia! She does have an amazing voice and her English song is done very well. I fell in love with Pets Tseng song and realized she actually contributed to the OST of the KO series. Who knew? I’d never heard of Shennio Lin before, but see she’s contributed the Frozen soundtrack.

  1. Della Wu (Sound of the Desert OST)
    1. White-haired Lament –  YesAsia :: YouTube
    2. Courage of Giving Up – YesAsia :: YouTube
  2. Freya Lim (Time Doesn’t Heal) – iTunes :: YouTube
  3. Stefanie Sun (Kepler) – YesAsia :: YouTube
  4. Wen Yin (住在心裡的過客) – YesAsia :: YouTube
  5. Zhang Yi Lin
    1. Agape – iTunes :: YouTube
    2. Not Alone – iTunes :: YouTube
  6. Jia Jia (Once the Night Comes) – iTunes :: YouTube
  7. Angela Zhang (Angela Zhang)
    1. When You Live for Love – YouTube
    2. Love is Not Wrong – YouTube
  8. Selina (Lost and Found) – Google Play; Amazon :: YouTube
  9. Pets Tseng (Just Lose It (Hurt So Much)) – iTunes :: YouTube
  10. Claire Kuo (Until We Meet)
    1. Not Over You – YouTube
    2. Not Meant to Be Together – YouTube
  11. Shiny (牆) – YesAsia :: YouTube
  12. Shennio Lin (Deng Yigeren) – iTunes :: YouTube
  13. Vivian Chow (Coffee Waiting for a Man) – iTunes :: YouTube
  14. Yumiko Cheng (花與嫁紗) – iTunes :: YouTube

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