Special Screening of Legend of the Forest

I do wish that there was a place like the Japan Society of New York where I live that have these cool screenings and events, but no such luck (that I know of at least).

Osamu Tezuka, known as the godfather of anime, conceived Legend of the Forest as a four-part film that chronicles the history of animation with each part corresponding with a movement in Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4, Opus 36. Unfortunately he never completed this project in its entirety before his passing. 25 years after his death, his son Macoto Tezka completed the second movement based on his father’s notes and synopsis.Osamu Tezuka Official Site

If you’ll be in New York City in February, you can catch Legend of the Forest, Parts 1 & 2. Plus, you get an added bonus of select short films by Tezuka. You can learn more about this special screening, taking place on Saturday, February 21, here: www.japansociety.org/event/special-screening-legend-of-the-forest-parts-1-2.

Combining classical music along with the history of animation (from still drawings to recent advances in technology), this could be a very epic watch.

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