New Korean Dramas on Netflix January 2015, Part 2

It would figure that after I wrote my post about Fated to Love You and Doctor Stranger now being available on January 22nd, more Korean dramas on Netflix would crop up. That’s not bad news for those who prefer using Netflix to get their drama fixes over other legal streaming sites.

Just added this week are Coffee Prince, Good Doctor, Kpop Extreme Survival, God’s Gift 14 Days, and A Word From Warm Heart. As always, for the full list go here:

Coffee Prince posterI’m sure most people are familiar with Coffee Prince as it is an iconic and popular Korean gender-bender drama starring Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo. The story revolves around a poor Tae Kwon Do instructor who is mistaken as a male by a rich chaebol who then makes a contract with her to pretend they are gay lovers to stop his parents arranged dates. This leads to Eun Hye getting a job at Gong Yoo’s coffee shop and the two people fall in love leading to angst and questioning of Gong Yoo’s sexuality. Of course we have our second leads to help throw monkey wrenches into the mix. This is a lovely and favorite drama of mine.

Good Doctor aired just last year…or was this an end of year drama in 2013? So many dramas, so hard to keep them all straight. This series starred Joo Won as an autistic man who desired to be a doctor and the challenges he faces in being allowed to practice. He has a love interest in the lovely Moon Chae Won who is head over heels for her sunbae and colleague played by Joo Sang Wook. This drama made the already popular Joo Won (thanks to dramas like Bridal Mask and his modeling) even more popular. This drama had some good reviews. So far I’ve only managed to watch like the first episode.

K-pop Extreme Survival is another gender bender. In this drama Mir’s (you know, one of the rappers from MBLAQ) older sister Go Eun Ah is a wannabe rapper whose parents don’t approve of her dream. She cross dresses as a boy and attends an audition for her uncle’s (Hong Kyung Min) agency to help her nervous male bestie. She gets chosen for the new group and must maintain her identity as a male. She butts heads and eventually falls in love with Park Yoo Chun’s (aka Mickey Yoo Chun ex-DBSK, JYJ) twin brother Park Yoo Hwan. It kind of smacks of You’re Beautiful with the plot. Haven’t finished this drama, but I do plan on it eventually.

Then we have the drama that people seemed to kind of really enjoy at the start and like completely hated at the end. The previews didn’t really float my boat, so I steered clear of God’s Gift 14 Days and I heard the ending really had people up in arms. This drama stars Mrs. Ji Sung Lee Bo Young as a young woman whose daughter is murdered and she somehow goes back through time and tries to prevent the murder…or something like that. This drama also starred Baro from B1A4 and Jung Gyu Woon.

The final addition to the Korean drama list is the melodrama A Word from Warm Heart which details two couples and their affairs. I haven’t watched this one or really heard a whole lot of buzz, so I can’t really give much of an opinion on this drama or more details of what it is exactly about.


  • Thanks for the update. I tend to watch my shows elsewhere, but I have friends who are not as obsessed that enjoy watching the occasional drama on Netflix. Any korean movies added? Or just dramas?

  • Kpop Extreme Survival was actually a decent gender bender drama; until they totally screwed the ending! I liked when Netflix would have the occasional drama not on legit streaming sites. I remember when they added Protect the Boss and I finally watched/not watched it. Alas, now I just depend on them for movies. But I’m glad they are starting to add the Taiwanese dramas. They are sprinkling them in…slowly…

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