Song of the Week – Bii’s “I Wanna Say”

Happy January! I am rebooting the Song of the Week series! January is half over with already (or will technically be on Thursday). I swear time passes in a blink of any eye sometimes. Linfair Records uploaded two songs from Bii’s latest album Action Bii released in December of last year back at the end of November (these two songs were also a single you can find on iTunes, too). The first is the title song “Action Go!” and the second was the heart-wrenching ballad “I Wanna Say.” Both songs were uploaded to YouTube a week before the US holiday of Thanksgiving.

I listened to them just before my grandmother passed away and for some reason “I Wanna Say” just really hits home about the situation (based on my very loose understanding of what the song lyrics are saying), so I did listen to this song quite a bit before my grandmother passed and a little afterwards. I also listened a lot to Standing Egg’s “Heartbreaking Words” just because of the emotional overall feel of that song. Anyways, do give “I Wanna Say” a listen. It’s my favorite song from Bii’s latest album. If you do check out Linfair’s YouTube channel, I think they uploaded quite a few of the tracks from the album, too. You should definitely check them out.

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