Monday Jams – 24 November 2014

Song of the week didn’t sound quite right today. The songs I’ve selected to feature just really reflect my current moods and what’s going on in life. That’s one of the great things about music, isn’t?

First up is Korean band Toxic’s official debut song “Lonely”. The holiday season is encroaching on us already. This week is Thanksgiving in the US and in exactly one month Christmas will be here. It’s a time for friends and family and it always brings into play the emptiness when you can’t see the people you would like. Thus…”Lonely” is a great song.

My grandmother’s health is only getting worse and we’ve gotten the horrible shock of knowing there’s nothing that can be done. Although we’ve known this day was coming, it doesn’t get any easier. Thus there is Matsushita Yuya’s “Hallucination” – dark and depressing, yes, but at the same time there is a spark of hope in the song and the wish of a better life…like when the lyrics talk about the lie that is reincarnation, but hoping that you’ll be reborn in a different land free from the pains of this life. Definitely fitting for my grandmother who has had such a difficult and pain-filled life.

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