Dear, Sister Episode 6

At long last the truth has been revealed! It only took us forever (or so it felt) to get the real reason why Misaki created her bucket list revolving around her sister and mother that I’m sure we all felt had something to do with the baby. I think that there’s been this ominous undertone in a way. Misaki has talked about death on multiple occasions, and just what she’s doing with Hazuki’s life has really felt like she was preparing Hazuki to take over her job as a mother. Let’s add in some symbolism…or…something like that. In the opening sequence, Hazuki is wearing normal clothes while Misaki is wearing a white dress. I don’t know why, but I’ve had this feeling. It might not come true, it would be nice if it didn’t, but the writers have left these little hints out there and now with the full truth…you can’t help but think the worst will happen.

Hachi waits for Misaki outside the hospital and he flashes back to their previous conversation. So what is Misaki’s big secret? At the age of 20 she was diagnosed with the disease Lupus. This is an auto-immune system disease. Unlike HIV or AIDS where your immune system is week and underactive, with Lupus your immune system can be kicked into overdrive and thus your immune system attacks good tissue. This is potentially life-threatening, but there are treatment out there and many people can live a normal life. The big problem is that Misaki is pregnant and with her disease there is a risk that she could not live through or very long after giving birth. She tries to play down the scary aspect of death, but she’s not fooling anyone.dear-sister-e06-01

Anywho, Misaki shows up and she and Hachi go to the parenting classes. This is just cuteness with the two. I’d really like these two together. Soichiro isn’t bad…but I just think Hachi and Misaki have better chemistry. Anyways, it was fun seeing Hachi wear the pregnancy suit so he can have an idea of what Misaki will start to go through in her third trimester (she’s only in the start of her second I guess). He also fumbled with the baby doll as they were learning how to bathe the babies and change diapers. Misaki, surprisingly, has a knack for it and does well. During this session, the teacher tells the fathers to hold the mothers’ hands and help them around so they don’t fall and injure themselves or the babies. This leads Hachi to hold Misaki’s hand after they leave the hospital (she had someone nearly run into her, too). It’s a little awkward, but still very cute with these two.

While that’s going on we get to see Hazuki and Yohei. Instead of actually dating, these two just spend a lot of time together working in the organic garden. Kaori doesn’t like this, but her hubby doesn’t see it as a problem. Kaori scolds Yohei saying this is the reason he’s been dumped in the past. Hazuki is quick to defend him saying she doesn’t mind spending all that time in the garden. This makes Kaori pause…come to think of it Hazuki is weird like Yohei, too. Kaori then kicks the two out to go on a date. Misaki comes home to Hazuki agonizing over what to wear on the date. Misaki looks through the closet and picks out clothes for Hazuki. Her onee-san tells her to seek a job in fashion doing this for a living since she’s really good at it. There is a lot of teasing as Misaki does try to get Hazuki to call Yohei informally instead of formally, but Hazuki has a hard time doing this.

Hazuki and Yohei have a normal, mostly date. They are still very awkward and it is hard to gauge Hazuki’s interest in Yohei as a man. The poor guy goes to put his arm around Hazuki, but she shocks him by turning suddenly to say something and he falls off the railing they are sitting on and drops into a pond. Meanwhile Misaki manages to find a job at a cute fashion shop and her pregnancy is easily accepted. She gets to start the next week. She excitedly goes home to tell Hazuki, but her sister’s on date right? She hears the shower running and goes into the bathroom and boy does she get a shock when she sees Yohei in the altogether!

When Misaki learns what happened she about dies laughing at the two. She then starts teasing them both about being virgins. Hazuki is amazed at how different Yohei is with Misaki compared to her. Misaki is quick to assure Hazuki that Yohei only talks back to here because he’s in love with Hazuki and can’t be bothered with Misaki. Hazuki then gets a call from Nanae. After Yohei leaves Nane comes over to plan the memorial for the girls’ father. Misaki and Nanae are all for a more non-traditional death anniversary this year. You know this really bothers Hazuki—especially when her mom talks about being angry at their father for dying. Misaki and Nanae then agree to an onsen trip to Atami as their father wanted to make an annual onsen trip to Atami a family tradition. Hazuki agrees to go along with this if they are sure they want to do it. Misaki offers to pay for everything and talks about inviting Hazuki’s boyfriend which definitely piques mommy’s interest.

"Don't tell me you're a virgin!" Definitely inappropriate conversation in front of onee-san's boyfriend.

“Don’t tell me you’re a virgin!” Definitely inappropriate conversation in front of onee-san’s boyfriend.

They day of the memorial dawns and the trio of women go to the gravesite before going home for sushi. Hachi and Yohei arrive at about the same time. Hazuki is stunned that Misaki really did invite Yohei to the onsen trip. The sushi party before the drive goes well, but you can tell Hazuki feels more and more left out with her mother’s and sister’s conversation. She explodes about how her mother obviously loves Misaki more. Misaki then decides to set her sister straight. If anything, Nanae loves Hazuki the most. Misaki explains that it was NOT their mother who sent their father on the errand that ended up taking his life. Hazuki whined that she wanted some ice cream and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Since their father was going on, Nanae told him to pick up some toothpaste while he was at it. Hazuki is stunned and runs out.dear-sister-e06-06

Yohei follows her and Hazuki feels terrible about harboring resentment against her mother for all of these years. Yohei tells her that she has the rest of her life to make up for these feelings since she and her mother are both alive and well. This comforts Hazuki and when Yohei lets out a mighty sneeze that he was holding in for her sake, she starts to cheer up. She goes back to the apartment and the quintet set off for their special vacation.dear-sister-e06-07

Hazuki skips going to the onsen just to patch things up with her mother. Misaki is very pleased to see the two growing much closer. That night when she takes out her diary she crosses off the item to have her sister and mother patch things up. What’s on the next page? Get Hazuki married! That one is going to take some work, won’t it? Misaki then locks up her diary and slips out to the open air co-ed bath. She’s shocked to find Yohei their also since it’s two in the morning. After some awkwardness, etc, Yohei then points up to the sky and we see a brilliant night sky. Yohei tells her to enjoy it before going in. Ah…and we can’t forget that Misaki advises him to propose to Hazuki right away since Hazuki is desperate to get married. LOL. Wow. They haven’t even really dated and now you want them to get married?

It was interesting learning how Yohei’s feelings for Hazuki evolved. Right after he opened the restaurant, Hazuki came in for lunch. When she made a strange face while eating, he immediately rushed out wondering if something was wrong with the food. Hazuki assured him she was just shocked by how wonderful a simple salad tasted. Since then he always kept his eye on Hazuki, which led to love developing. Ah, and her reaction helped reaffirm that him opening that organic restaurant was the right thing to do.

Our girls return home. Hazuki decides to see Yohei home since he drove back (Hachi drove there). Ah! Speaking of Hachi…he and Yohei had a man-to-man conversation in the male-only part of the onsen. Hachi talks about desperately seeking a job and going to his friends who landed positions at top companies thanks to his brother’s words. Yohei asks if Hachi giving up on his dream will make the girl he likes happy? Yohei believes that Hachi’s brother’s words weren’t meant to push Hachi to a desk job, but to find an opening that will suit him and his future. Funny how Yohei can lay it all out so it makes sense to Hachi and relieves the young man.dear-sister-e06-08

Okay, so Hazuki sees Yohei home and thanks him for everything. She leaves and turns back to look at him one more time. Yohei goes inside Apple Seed and starts peeling an onion, but recalling Misaki’s words he rushes out of the apartment and runs Hazuki down. They are on opposite sides of a street when he yells out asking for her hand in marriage.  While this is going on, the doorbell wakes Misaki up and in storms Soichiro demanding a paternity test to prove he isn’t the father. But if it turns out he is, he and Misaki will raise the baby together. End episode.

Previews show things heating up and something I was worried about comes to pass! Gah. With how complicated things already are, they did NOT need to go there. I am very curious about Misaki’s decision. Was it all because she harbored resentment against Soichiro for Hazuki’s cruelty by hiding his message from her on her graduate day? I do think that fathers who do want to have a part in their child’s life should, so…it really isn’t fair to Misaki for her to keep Soichiro in the dark and plan for her sister and her sister’s husband to take on the baby if the worst should happen.

So…what do the previews show that I was afraid of? Ever since Misaki decided to hook Hazuki and Yohei up, I’ve had a bad feeling Misaki would fall for Yohei and that looks to be the case with the previews. Misaki is devastated when Hazuki really does accept Yohei’s proposal. Sad when her plans are all coming together at last. Personally, I would prefer her to turn her feelings to Hachi, but I am afraid she might not last through the end of the show. It also looks like Nanae and Hazuki will finally learn about Misaki’s pregnancy.

Question…Misaki was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 20. Why is it that neither her family nor her very best friend Hachi knows about this?

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