Sound of the Desert OST

I’ve been trying to find a copy of the Sound of the Desert (Feng Zhong Qi Yuan) soundtrack and didn’t have much luck until now even though the OST was officially released back in October. If you want to sample the music from the drama, I have found this website where you can listen to the OST as a whole, including instrumentals. Gorgeous music for this drama. I’ve been listening to the MVs on repeat on YouTube. ♥

Sound of the Desert Original TV Soundtrack
Released 22 October 2014
Buy on YesAsia

01 为你平定的天下 (Ballad Version) –  李剑青
The World for You – Li Jian Qing

02 有一种勇气叫放弃 – 丁当
Courage of Giving Up – Della Ding

03 好好过 – 胡歌
Keep Moving On – Hu Ge

04 白头吟 – 丁当
White-haired Lament – Della Ding

05 偶遇 (An Unexpected Encounter) – Instrumental

06 大漠情缘 (Love in Desert) – Instrumental

07 狼女 (A Wolf-like Woman) – Instrumental

08 一时错过,一生错过 (A Momentary Miss Turns Out Lifetime Loss) – Instrumental

09 铁骨柔情 (A Tough Guy’s Love) – Instrumental

10 月下白头 (Being Old Together Under the Moon) – Instrumental

11 另一种可能 (Another Possibility) – Instrumental

12 尘封的过去 (The Past Long Buried and Sealed) – Instrumental

13 留不住的时间 (Time Can’t Be Stopped) – Instrumental

14 荣华富贵如浮云 (Fleeting Luxury and Prosperity) – Instrumental

15 为你平定的天下 –  李剑青
The World for You (Rock Version) – Li Jian Qing


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