Bii Releases Action Bii Single

The past few weeks have been rather rough. I won’t go into any details. Things are probably going to keep going downhill from here on out. So…it’s nice when unexpected surprises can make me happy…like discovering Bii has a new single. I’m not 100% certain if he’s also coming out with a full album soon, too. KKBOX lists the songs from the single as tracks 1 and 3 and there’s some mention of December 2014. It wouldn’t be surprising if a few songs were released as a single and a little while later their came a album or mini album as that is what happened with Come Back to Bii.

So, yes, Bii is back! After his collaboration with Dino, Ian, and Andrew Chen, he’s back with his own album. “Action Go!” isn’t a bad song and contains Bii’s trademark Mandarin, English, and Korean, but I have to say that “I Wanna Say” is the song that really captured my attention. I ♥ that song!!!! I pretty much love all of Bii’s music and collaborations. He’s a talented young man.

Action Bii 搶先聽 [Action Bii First to Listen]
Released 21 November 2014
Buy on iTunes

01. Action Go!

02. I Wanna Say

“Action Go!” is a fun song, but “I Wanna Say” just tugs at the heartstrings, doesn’t it? Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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