Sound of the Desert Episodes 12-19

Boy…who would have thought I would be happy for war scenes to come! In this section of episodes I was really happy as Xin Yue finally got away from Jian An and Jiu Ye. If we are honest, yes, we know why Jiu Ye did what he did. He is not a person who can provide Xin Yue with a happy and secure future. He’s balanced precariously between his relatives in the city and the desert. His grandfather was a Jie tribe prince. His grandmother was part of the Bi family which is connected to the current emperor. His first empress was a Bi. Needless to say there was a falling out there. He’s also not a fully healthy man. So, yes, you get why he keeps pushing Xin Yue away. But…just like Xin Yue remains willfully blind to certain facts about Wu Ji, Jiu Ye remains willfully blind to the reason behind Xin Yue’s actions and schemes.

You also learn something about Xin Yue in these episodes. For a girl who is shown as being very clever, she is really stupid. A prime example is when Jiu Ye tells her his complete story. She takes it as a positive sign. Um…you have confessed and been rejected. Jiu Ye is saying all of this to explain his rejection…not give you hope he’s changing his mind. I got that. Why couldn’t she? Another instance is when Xin Yue freaks out in front of Wu Ji proclaiming she has no one left. Seriously? Seriously? Xin Yue. She’s being deliberately obtuse here. Yep, yep. Wu Ji deserves sainthood with his patience with that girl’s complete stupidity in regards to him.

There is a lot of metaphor during the episodes leading to Wu Ji going out yet again to battle the Jie tribe. After Qin Xiang and Xin Yue have a falling out…so to speak…Qin Xiang makes Xin Yue to vow to never reveal her secret. Xin Yue swears on her life. Qin Xiang (who is expecting the emperor’s child) will not take this promise seriously. She makes Xin Yue swear on the person she love’s life. Xin Yue goes to swear on Jiu Ye’s life, but Qin Xiang stops her. No. The person she loves since emotions can change. Interesting. Later, Xin Yue has a nightmare where Qin Xiang has Li Ji kill the one she loves. Xin Yue cries out not to kill Jiu Ye, but when she turns, Li Ji has sent an arrow to kill Wei Wu Ji. Add on top of this that Wu Ji is the first one present when the honeysuckle blooms and it’s like fate trying to slap her in the face to get her to realize the truth. Also…when Jiu Ye rejects her (technically for the second time), Wu Ji accidentally kills the honeysuckle. Two years of hard work to make them grow and bloom and it’s gone just like that…another sign from fate slapping you across the face to realize Jiu Ye isn’t the right one.

We also get Xin Yue feeling very guilty towards Wu Ji for abandoning him time and again for Jiu Ye. What more do you need that Wu Ji is your destiny? I did find it unfair that the Shi men go after Xin Yue to make Jiu Ye happy. Jiu Ye made his own decisions like a big boy. Why pester Xin Yue into going to him time and time again? Do they really think she has the power to change his mind? Even his men have no idea why he treats Xin Yue so differently and still they are not together. So why keep forcing her to cruelly be rejected time and again? How is that fair? I think she’s totally right in not wanting to go and do anything about it. She has been playing this game now for three years. Three years! And, as Wu Ji can attest, she’s been in a lot of pain in that time thanks to Jiu Ye. Was running away in the end the right thing? Well…since it got her into Wu Ji’s arms, I won’t complain.

I can’t feel too sorry for Jiu Ye as he, like Xin Yue and Wu Ji to an extent, has made his own bed of misery. He fell hard for Xin Yue who really did love him for who he was and did not care that he was a cripple. He never understood why Xin Yue did such risky things. He’s just as much of an idiot. It’s only when Xin Yue leaves him and snaps her flute and gives him her leaf diary that he understands the depth of her feelings and all that she did. Only then does he decide he’ll regret forever if he lets her go. Again, I feel he was more or less willfully blind that he did not realize the full truth.sotd-e16

While these events are going on, Xin Yue is becoming increasingly worried about Qin Xiang and her grand schemes. Xin Yue doesn’t know what to believe about her friend anymore, and I can’t say I blame her. Qin Xiang is not very transparent and it is hard to tell what is genuine from her and what isn’t. She has even put Xin Yue in Li Ji’s crosshairs by making it appear that it was Xin Yue willfully keeping Qin Xiang from meeting with him. Tsk, tsk. Thus Xin Yue tries to make amends, but can’t and feels even more guilty knowing what fate will lie with Li Ji if things continue as they are. Oh…Ding Ling and Qin da ge finally get married!!!! Something happy in the muck that comes out of a string of Jiu Ye rejections!

So after the new year and after Jiu Ye’s…what are we on…four? He rejected the song, rejected the flowers, technically rejected her by telling his history and urging her that Wu Ji is a good man who will stand by her, and then on her birthday…yep, four. So after Jiu Ye’s fourth rejection, Xin Yue steals away to go back to the desert. She entrusts Hong Gu with a letter to be sent to Wu Ji half a month after she leaves. Of course Hong Gu freaks out…as does Jiu Ye. She sends the letter out immediately and Wu Ji is livid when he reads Xin Yue’s parting letter to him. He will not let their fate end there.

Believe it or not, even though Jiu Ye has ample connections everywhere, it’s Wu Ji who finds are runaway heroine first. She is taking a bath and he looks mad as hell. Of course he is. She did not join him as a guide like she promised to think about and she wrote that later and just ran away. He kidnaps her back to his camp and forces her to stay with him or else he’ll kill and eat wolves. Xin Yue has to know he’d never really do such a thing, but she stays. And wouldn’t you know? This really was the medicine she needed to balm her aching heart. Oh…Jiu Ye will never be out of her heart. We have to accept that unfortunate fact, but we all know that Wu Ji is the true owner.

I was completely happy with him going off to war and taking Xin Yue with him and getting to spend time one on one without Jiu Ye’s physical presence to keep her preoccupied. His memory is bad enough, but him in person would be worse. Of course, Wu Ji had an opportunity to let Xin Yue know Jiu Ye was looking for her just like he had the opportunity to tell Jiu Ye’s whereabouts. Sure, this will bit him in the rear later, but I actually think its for the best, because he really does suit her better than Jiu Ye. I loved all the moments where Li Cheng (a young man that Xin Yue adopts as her own you might as well say) starts thinking that there’s something romantic going on between his general and fighting instructor. I guess women in camp are forbidden, so Xin Yue’s true identity as a woman was hidden.

Wolf Princess adopts a stray pup

Wolf Princess adopts a stray pup

All this time with Wu Ji gets Xin Yue to confront her true feelings and get them sorted out. It also helps her realize just how much Wu Ji has done for her. So…the two get drunk and spend the night together intimately (they’ve spent the night chastely until this moment). Xin Yue freaks out in the morning. Wu Ji feels a bit guilty, but asks her to marry him. Xin Yue agrees! However…she does say until they are officially married no more crossing that line. After this, she takes Wu Ji to her dead father’s grave. There she does spy the Jie king attending the grave. After paying respects to her adopted father, the two go into town where they get in a pickle when Jie tribesman and Nan Chao people start bickering. Mu Ryung or whatever his name is and Wu Ji end up agreeing to a competition. The Jie leader wants Wu Ji to be his man if he wins. Wu Ji refuses saying he’d rather die. The competition starts and the Jie people fake a count to have their leader win. When Wu Ji goes to take his own life, Jie Leader stops him and reveals the trickery. He kills one man who switched the arrows and the other man kills himself. He does give Wu Ji and Xin Yue horses to leave.

Of course, after the two lave, Wu Ji’s true identity is revealed. Of course Jie goes rushing after him. His concubine demands Xin Yue die so that they can capture the general alive in his moment of grief. We all know the true reason she wants Xin Yue dead is because Jie (I’m just calling him that from now on even though that’s his tribe name, not his) is not over her. During the pursuit, Xin Yue’s veil comes off and he learns his true love his alive. It’s then that we also get the full picture.

I must say that even with the flashbacks, it did seem like the current Jie king liked Xin Yue in a romantic way while Xin Yue didn’t necessarily seem to like him quite like that. But then they explain she had only eyes for him which made the crown prince upset…but that’s because the crown prince knew what kind of man Jie would turn out to be I guess…which makes no sense when you recall an earlier flashback which showed our quartet happily playing together all of the time. I was surprised to learn that the concubine was behind the hired assassins, but it does make sense since she was the only desert person at the time who really knew Xin Yue was alive.

So with all of this past history revealed, we all know that the hatred Jie has for Wu Ji will grow exponentially. Not only does his beloved Xin Yue regard him with the eyes of a stranger…she’s in love with his mortal enemy! Go figure. This is definitely a complex plot. Just wait until we get the movements inside of the palace to couple with Jie Yue trying to win Xin Yue back and mix that with the continuing war between the city and the desert tribes. What a ride.

But again…I was sooo happy when we got to to the desert and all the great couple scenes between Wei Wu Ji and Xin Yue. I love that couple. I’ve been on their bandwagon from the beginning as they really are well suited. And they will probably be the only two characters in this story to make it out with a somewhat happy ending. Qin Xiang, Li Ji, and Jiu Ye definitely aren’t going to have one and I highly doubt our Jie royal couple will either.

I do have to say that it is interesting that Xin Yue’s feelings can really be expressed in one way…her father. From the get go she always compared Jiu Ye to her father and thought back to how there were all these similarities. When Wu Ji kidnaps her to the camp and does her hair…she’s also reminder of her father once more. I guess that’s how we all know Xin Yue is in love.


  • Yup…at first I thought Xin Yue liked Mo Xun because he reminded her of her dad…..then during that Wu Ji hair combing scene, she had ANOTHER dad flashback. So I guess both men remind her of her dad? O_O

    • And she only really starts to realize she **likes-likes** them once she’s had that “dad” moment? What is that…Elekdra complex or something? Tho, they do say women supposedly wish to marry someone like their father. Not bashing my dad…but I don’t want to marry a very opinionated and headstrong man, lol.

      • *Electra

        Well I don’t think its as extreme as that heh. But I guess they give her nostalgic memories of her dad? O_O I read in the forum that there are some moments in the novel when XY starts to become more romantically aware of WJ as a man, but that they weren’t in the drama. Like when they did the star-gazing and they were hiding close to each other, she was supposed to go doki doki or something but instead the scene was made more humorous. So the hair-combing felt kinda sudden when she was all “oh this is like my dad! *doki doki*”

        • Yeah, I was kind of exaggerating on the Elektra thing. I noticed just as I hit reply, I spelled that wrong, lol.

          They have small moments…but nothing that really shows up much on XY becoming romantically aware of WJ. Sure…her guilt and such makes her realize how important he is becoming…but not necessarily romantically so. And then that hair scene. That gave me quite a bit of feels. There really is something intimate about doing another person’s hair at times. More so if it’s a man and a woman.

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