Song of the Week – 17 November 2014

Even though it is technically still autumn, it feels like we’re in the middle of winter right now. Temperatures are below freezing and we have white stuff on the ground that’s not going anywhere for a little while. More snow in the forecast this week and next week…temperatures are suppose to raise giving us rain and snow at the same time. Woohoo. NOT.

So, to warm us all up, how about a song from Lee Hyeon Woo? His voice is very warm and the song is just beautiful! You may recognize Lee Hyeon Woo from dramaland. He’s also active as a singer and radio DJ. Although, I am not certain when the last time he’s actually put out an album. I knew him as an actor first. The first drama I watched with him in it was Oh! My Lady and then I later checked out Attic Cat where he was one of the male leads. Great actor. Great singer. Definitely check him out! Here’s his latest song “Take Me Home.” And since Roy Kim just released an album called Home not too long ago, I think of that, lol. Both “Home” and “Take Me Home” are acoustic goodies that showcase the vocals of each man very well.

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