Dear, Sister Episode 5

Well, some secrets are out of the bag! We get a few unexpected surprises thrown in for good measure, too. I’m still not 100% sure what is going on with Misaki, but slowly her plan and why she’s doing it is getting uncovered…even if we don’t know how to piece everything together just yet.

Hazuki pulls herself together and gets up off the floor to continue cooking, but Soichiro says he has just recalled an important errand and rushes off. Yep, Hazuki is depressed. When her friend…Sato…right?…arrives, she tries to cheer Hazuki up, but Hazuki knows that Soichiro blew her off for the girl he really likes. She then feels even more terrible for standing Yohei up the other day.

Meanwhile, Misaki is getting ready to rush out of Hachi’s place to find her baby book when Soichiro arrives and demands to know who the father of the baby is. Misaki lies and says it’s Hachi. He then comes in and Misaki greets him with a kiss and tells Soichiro that is how things are. Soichiro tells his little brother to take care of things like a man and walks out. Hachi is floored. Misaki apologizes saying she only did that since Soichiro wouldn’t shut up about the past. She then hands him a napkin to wipe his mouth with since she got lip gloss on his lips. He doesn’t mind too much.

Hazuki goes to Yohei’s, but turns to leave. He spies he and calls out to her. She helps pick sweet potatoes with the family and they are all chummy and happy. She confesses to Yohei when they have a moment alone that she is giving up on Yohei because it’s very obvious that he doesn’t like her. Yohei immediately tells her that he hasn’t liked someone in a long time and thus he’s unwilling to relinquish his newfound feelings after so long. So…Hazuki shouldn’t give up on Soichiro and Yohei will also do his best with his feelings. And after he says this, the two turn and see his family staring at them both blankly before bursting into laughter. That sounded completely weird because his encouragement goes against his one work in trying to win her heart, you know?

Hazuki gets home and looks at her mail. She’s shocked to find the lease termination. Misaki arrives home after quitting her job as a hostess and is immediately confronted. Misaki says it’s a waste of money to stay in that place and urges Hazuki to move back home with their mother. Hazuki is against it. She will live with Nanae only when the woman needs her there. Misaki complains that Hazuki needs to plan for such instances so she won’t be surprised in the future. Plus, Misaki does not want to move in alone. The young woman, who has also been to her doctor appointment (baby is doing fine), then has her stomach growl loudly. The only thing in the fridge is a bottle of mayonnaise. So the two end up going to Apple Seed.

Soichiro is drinking and causing a ruckus and Yohei refuses to serve him any more alcohol. The other customers leave and Yohei makes the girls some dinner. Soichiro introduces himself as the girls’ former teacher and then wonders who Yohei is. Hazuki says he’s an acquaintance and his sister and himself have been a lot of help to her. How about Yohei’s connection to Misaki? They know each other. Soichiro then talks about how different the two sisters were—straight-laced Hazuki who hated lies and wild Misaki who no one knew what she was thinking.

He then talks about her relationship with Eito and how he needs to grow up and be responsible to raise a family. Family? Misaki is quick to say in the future and then says that Hachi is favored to win an upcoming competition. Misaki is happy that Hachi is chasing his dream. Soichiro replies with dreams being for teenagers—it’s too late for Hachi to go pro so close to 30. Misaki then points out that Hachi took a break in his skateboard career to appease his brother and go to college. Then it wasn’t that important of a dream. We then get Yohei saying it is never to late to pursue a dream. He opened his organic restaurant only 3 years ago. Hazuki is quick to chime in saying that’s right or else she’d have never quit a government job. Misaki, who always claims to not have a dream, says that is the only thing keeping her going.

Soichiro actually goes to Hachi’s competition. He asks after Misaki and is surprised to learn that while Hachi does love Misaki—the two aren’t in a romantic relationship. Soichiro then wonders aloud who the baby’s father is then. He sees Misaki and says he knows the baby isn’t Hachi’s. Misaki says she and her baby are none of his concern and walks away. Soichiro leaves and the competition begins. Hachi is doing well until he misses a step and falls. Instead of getting back and finishing, he just walks away. Misaki follows after him in worry.

Back at Hachi’s place, Misaki is doing her best to cheer him up. She asks if he wants to cry and then opens her arms wide. Hachi springs into her arms and then forces her down onto the bed. He says he likes her and starts kissing her. Misaki panics and manages to force him off of her. What’s he saying when he’s gay? Misaki then finally realizes that Hachi is, in fact, straight. She runs out of the house and the angry Hachi hits his head against the wall. Well…I wanted him to be honest, but even given how frustrated he’s been, that was NOT the way to approach the situation. –1 for Hachi.

Ah, and to make matters worse she runs into Soichiro. He’s convince he’s the father and Misaki then complains he’s too late as he disappeared from her life several years ago and they only slept together that once. Soichiro then says he disappeared because he wanted her to stay on the right path and finish high school. He did text her on her graduation day. Misaki cries she never received a text. Then a light bulb goes off and she runs home to confront Hazuki who does confess to deleting the text. The two get into a huge fight. Hazuki chastises Misaki for going after a married teacher and ruining his family and then also for going after the man Hazuki loved. Misaki never knew her sister’s feelings and points out that she had the guts to tell her real feelings while Hazuki didn’t. Hazuki does say she was going to confess. I bet after she officially graduated…but isn’t that just as bad? She could have been the ultimate cause of Soichiro’s divorce then and not Misaki. Our little sister then says that both her and Soichiro’s lives could have ended up completely differently if only Hazuki hadn’t deleted that text.

Misaki rushes out and goes to call Hachi, but stops herself. What can she do when she can’t turn to her bets friend? She goes to bother Yohei. She explains she fought with Hazki and then complains when Yohei treats her like a kid. He then points out that she’s acting like a kid. Misaki begs to sleep over and Yohei refuses, although she does ultimately end up sleeping in the restaurant. Yohei calls Hazuki to let her know where Misaki is. Hazuki wants to rush over and pick her up, but Yohei says Misaki is already sleeping (on a makeshift bed of chairs). The two then talk a bit about the fight and about sibling relationships. Awww, they are bonding even more.

The next day dawns and Yohei makes Misaki breakfast. The girl compliments the food and how wonderful it would be to have a boyfriend who was a chef. Yohei glibly says he won’t date her and she gets annoyed yet again. She then thinks for a minute and asks for another plate. Ah…I forgot. When she was talking about how she lost her best friend and fought with her sister in one night, Yohei encouraged her to make amends with Hachi as losing a friend at their age is a hard thing to do. Yohei then reveals he lost his best friend when he stole his girlfriend. Ouch!

Somewhere in all of this mess, Hazuki does talk to Nanae about moving back in with her. Nanae quickly says she loves her independence and all that jazz. Hazuki reveals she asked because of Misaki’s concern and Nanae then starts gushing about her younger daughter which annoys Hazuki. Sorry she can’t be selfless and caring like Misaki. Ah, this family. They love each other, but they do have some issues to work out.

Hazuki does end up on the farm again. She has just been rejected after apologizing for deleting Soichiro’s text to Misaki and confessing her own feelings. She opens up to Yohei about what happened and how she pretended to be blind even though she knew that Soichiro and Misaki mutually liked each other. She couldn’t forgive Soichiro for liking Misaki instead of her and couldn’t forgive her own sister. She cries and starts hiccupping. Yohei does what he can to stop the hiccups and eventually shocks them out of her by saying he spotted a UFO. He then hugs Hazuki and starts hiccupping himself. He asks her to let him try to be the man for her. Hazuki doesn’t answer his confession and offer and only says he’s stepping on her foot. Yohei springs back and Hazuki apologizes, but it hurt quite a bit. Kaori and her husband watch on. Will these two be okay? Her husband smiles and says that they are a lot a like and this earns him a swat from his wife. How is that a bad thing?

Misaki goes to Hachi to apologize for not realizing that he wasn’t gay. She thought that because he was a stylish dresser and she had no trouble bonding with him like she did with others. Hachi then apologizes for not ever revealing the truth. He didn’t want her to run away from him if she knew that not only was he NOT gay, he also was in love with her. Misaki asks if they can go back to their old relationship for now since she cannot process him as a man at this time. Hachi is okay with this. Can she go sit by him? Hachi moves over and Misaki sits down. She hesitates a moment, but then pulls him into a hug. He asks what it means and she says she’s glad that they can be friends still. She then sits down and confesses she is indeed pregnant and his brother is the father. Misaki then goes on to say that she feels sorry to Soichiro, but she doesn’t care that he’s the father. All she wants is a happy and healthy baby. She pulls out her diary and her baby book and opens it up. She flips the page from making Hazuki move out and there is her next item—make Hazuki and Nanae work through their issues. Misaki confesses one more secret to Hachi, but we don’t get to hear what it is.

So much mystery surrounding Misaki and WHY she’s doing what she’s doing. It does seem rather ominous. We do see previews of Hachi taking on the baby’s daddy role and going with Misaki to her parenting classes. Looks like there’s lots of fun and lots of drama ahead. It looks like Misaki will finally reveal her pregnancy to her mother and sister. How will they react?

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