Kyo wa Kaisha Yasumimasu Episode 3

OMG. This episode was hilarious! It also introduces a plot formula that can get redundant fast, though. See with episode two we saw Aoishi going crazy wondering why a 21-year-old college student would bother liking her, going crazy wondering if he’s playing her for money, and going crazy because he greeted a same-age female friend so casually. Since she had zilch experience with dating and her first real encounter with the opposite sex was with a man 9 years her junior…she’s really been thrown for a loop and she constantly stresses over every little thing. And that happens again in this episode. I will say again that I am not certain that Aoishi’s reactions should be so extreme even given her dating newbie status. That’s just one point I’m not entirely happy with, although it does provide some very amusing daydreams from Aoishi.

So at the end of episode two, Aoishi takes off her glasses after Tanokura says that he’s perfectly happy if she keeps wearing them (although he did say he really liked her without glasses earlier) and she accepts Tanokura’s feelings and agrees to date him. Aoishi is over the moon in happiness. She also is happy, but can’t believe how quickly, Tanokura moves from calling her the very formal Aoishi-san to the less formal Hanae-san. But again, she’s basking in the glow of all of her first and her budding emotions for this young man.

At the company they have agreed to keep their seeing each other on the dl. Really probably the best idea given how Ooshiro likes to pry and tease. Both Aoishi and Tanokura are bright and perky at work and Ooshiro is the first to notice something very odd. Tanokura calls Aoishi Hanae-san! And Aoishi doesn’t scold him or remind him that in the office environment he should call her Aoishi-san. Ooshiro chalks this up to Aoishi planning on marrying her “boyfriend” Mamoru and thus changing her last name. Aoishi is quickly to squash this, but Ooshiro doesn’t believe her. She then gets all giddy and thinks of her name being Tanokura Hanae…doesn’t sound bad, does it?

Well…that thought progression isn’t 100% wrong. You don’t necessarily date someone knowing right away your relationship will never make it to the ultimate stage, but since they only just officially started dating, that little daydream is really jumping the gun, ne? But it was still cute, lol. Ah, a fly in the ointment comes with Asao. Asao, Asao. For being a man (who I do think is probably at least a few years older than Aoishi I put him in mid 30s to 40s possibly) who should be acting more mature…it’s like he’s deliberately setting up to ruin Aoishi’s relationship. He comments on the fact that a woman in love is changing. Given she gave up wearing her glasses, she’s accepted Tanokura hasn’t she? Aoishi does not want to discuss her dating life with this man whom she believes loves to tease her too much. Asao then says that two things happen—women change themselves for the better or the worse. Of course, just like he said women who wear glasses tend to be thieves, he also emphasizes that women changing for men is bad.

If we look at relationships honestly, Asao isn’t entirely wrong. Aoishi is also right in pointing out that while changes can be bad, they can also be bettering. The question is if a person is 100% changing themselves to solely be with the person they like. If you’re trying to fit yourself into a mold that’s the complete opposite of who you essentially are just for love…how can you be happy? But Aoishi doesn’t appear to be changing to do that. She’s happily in the throes of first love and because Tanokura says he likes her with or without glasses, she’s confident (sort of) to take them off to start the next chapter of her life. Her clothes are still a bit on the dowdy side, but her hairstyle is somewhat improving.

Anywho. Asao does warn her not to become a burden woman. What the heck does that mean? This throws are happy Aoishi into a tailspin and she begins to second guess everything. Is her replying to Tanokura’s email saying she’s looking forward to their date being burdensome? Is preparing a bigger box at work burdensome? LOL. Some of what she thinks can be a burden may be…like when a girl forces her opinions on her boyfriend without caring about how he really feels. But some of her thinking is just tooooo extreme. It’s still kind of cute to see her circling back and forth in her head with wanting to be good to Tanokura, but not wanting to turn him off with her actions.

Tanokura is tasked with taking goods from their company to Asao’s and Asao can’t help but talk to him about his relationship with Aoishi. Tanokura bristles at this and you can’t blame him. Asao is taking too keen an interest in Aoishi for our new boyfriend’s tastes. Asao warns Tanokura if he isn’t serious he needs to end things now to reduce how hurt Aoishi will be when it ends.  Tanokura points out that at his age, Asao is still single so he won’t take any advice from him. LOL. Asao does ask Tanokura to introduce a good woman if he finds one, but we all know what Asao really wants is Aoishi.

kwky-e03-01 (3)

Ah…and Ooshiro cannot believe Okawa’s determination in trying to win Asao after he so coldly rejected her. Okawa isn’t willing to give up though since she has set her sights on marrying Asao. I think her initial reaction to Asao was a bit much…she’s planning on marrying him because he can provide a comfortable and stable life for her and whatever children may come. Love can surely follow, right? Not a gold-digger but a pragmatist. If we go back to sociology…or maybe it’s partly psychology…we learn that instincts between men and women back to the most primal are simply men mate widely to reproduce while women mate wisely with someone who can support and take care of them and their offspring. Again, very basic and very primal. So Okawa wants a secure future, who doesn’t want that? I will say this though, in this day and age it’s a bit more odd for women (at least in the US) to be so gung-ho to marry before the age of 30. Okawa is only 25 so rushing to find someone since all of her friends are married…not something I get myself. I’m turning 30 next year and many of my college and high school classmates are marrying or have been married for several years or have been married and divorced already, or are just starting their families. Me? I still have no inclination or desire to do so, but I’m very open on my opinions about love and matrimony.

Anywho. Ooshiro decides to be the busybody everybody knows and loves so he sets Okawa up by inviting Asao out to a dinner. Kagami is quick to worm his way in and Asao agrees and says he will treat as thanks for their help with the joint effort for the Italian food fare. It’s really in this scene that we get to see a crack in Kagami’s cold and weird exterior. He keeps shooting glances at Okawa. I didn’t see it before, but little Kagami is in love with Okawa! Thus why he attack Asao with the question about his thoughts on love to which Okawa and Ooshiro are apologizing for the young man’s abruptness and rudeness. Asao does answer that while your partner may change, your love never should. He paints a very different picture and Okawa gets a bit uncomfortable because it could hamper her plans. The tables are turned on Kagami and he rejects answering the question and this is where Asao said he’d have fired Kagami’s rear by now.

We then get to see Kagami in the toiled unhappily shredding toilet paper while Ooshiro tries to talk him out. LMAO! Isn’t usually girls who lock themselves in bathrooms and won’t come out? Ooshiro finally discovers Kagami’s secret that he likes Okawa! Kagami reveals that she is the only reason he stays in the company at all. Ooshiro then leans against the door and wonders why Kagami hates their company so much while Kagami keeps unhappily shredding toilet paper. Meanwhile, Asao admits to Okawa he’s interested in none other than Aoishi! What will Okawa do?

At this time, Aoishi and Tanokura are on their date. Aoishi hesitates to burden Tanokura by professing her love for zombie movies and has him pick. He chooses a romance she saw a month ago when it premiered. She’s not entirely happy with this choice, but is happy about the hand brushing going on with the popcorn bucket. If Asao hadn’t said anything to her earlier, then she would not have as many problems asserting her own tastes and opinions. A girl constantly asking the guy about what he wants to do isn’t right. Yes, you should take his opinions into consideration, but you are not being wholly fair if you never state your own opinions or tastes. Tsk, tsk. Isn’t that being more of a burden woman?kwky-e03-01 (8)

After the movie they go grocery shopping and Tanokura reveals he is making kimchi stew. That’s what Aoishi had for dinner last night, but she won’t speak up. She also won’t tell him she was told to bring him kimchi as a gift. At his apartment, she’s so scared and awkward. Tanokura gets her to calm down by having her finally really look at him after dinner and giving her a small kiss. Just as she is relaxed and basking in love again, she finds a scrunchie under his bed and runs away completely confused. You know…women’s lingerie or beauty supplies or clothes I can understand more so than a hair tie.

Tanokura has no idea what happened and Aoishi doesn’t explain and only apologizes via email for her rudeness. She’s all set to go back to being single and even puts her glasses back on. Seriously? Without even talking to Tanokura she makes this decision. Of course her best friend…was it Ichika?…doesn’t help her. Well, it’s right for her to say Aoishi should have asked about the hair tie instead of running away, but it’s wrong to say that Aoishi picked too difficult a partner for her first foray into dating.kwky-e03-01 (13)

Okawa begs Aoishi to support her efforts with Asao and asks to go bowling. If this does not happen, then Okawa can’t get her date with Asao. Aoishi doesn’t get it, but does agree to go. At the bowling alley, Asao is surprised that Okawa managed to drag Aoishi along. He also reveals he’s a man of his word and hates breaking promises. Thus Okawa gets him to promise he’ll date her if she wins the bowling game. His quick reply of yes should have made her suspicious, but it didn’t. Both Aoishi and Asao are great bowlers…Okawa not so much. She runs away to find a different ball in hopes of turning the tide and getting her wish. Asao uses this chance to confess his feelings to Aoishi. Since she’s back to wearing her glasses, then she must have broken up with Tanokura, right? Date him instead! And this is coming on the heels of Okawa saying she will do whatever it takes to get the man she wants and begging Aoishi to help her. One, Aoishi still likes Tanokura, two, even if Asao is being upfront and partly doing all of this to get Okawa to back off it’s still in very bad form. So Aoishi runs off instead and Okawa keeps trying to turn the game around while Asao looks depressed…or pouty…or just plain unhappy with the turn of events.

On the bright side, Aoishi can’t stop thinking about Tanokura and calls him out. He rushes to her side and she hands back the hair tie. He doesn’t get. Aoishi explains where she found, asks her question, and then deeply apologizes. Tanokura stands stunned for a minute before deeply apologizing for leaving such an item out where she could see it. He then exchanges the hair tie for his apartment key! He tells her that he has nothing to hide from her (meaning no extra women on the side) so she can come and go as she pleases. He then hugs her to him and asks if she really thought they’d break up so easily over something so trivial? Aoishi starts smiling and melts into the hug.

Wowza. Their relationship is moving at the speed of light. Really earlier on and he’s already inviting her for “sleepovers” and handing her a duplicate key. You know, I’m not saying a hair tie is implicative of cheating and he did seem rather shocked by it as if he had no idea it was even in his place, but isn’t it interesting he doesn’t offer any explanation to its existence and just hands over his key as proof he’s genuine in his relationship? Him saying that Aoishi is Aoishi goes to show that he really does get her and he really was sorry that such a small thing did hurt her so much. It’s actually very big of him to be so understanding with her confusing and sometimes juvenile way of thinking and reacting when it comes to relationships. She’s quite right to say that (even though they really are moving fast) their relationship is more on like a high school rather than adult level.kwky-e03-01 (20)

So their relationship is back on track and Aoishi returns home late after going to the usual restaurant and celebrating with Tanokura. Mommy does not look happy to see the key to Tanokura’s apartment her daughter’s key holder. Kind of to be expected even with Aoishi already being 30. Ah, and we also learn that Aoishi believes her avoidance of situations comes from her father’s personality because he always changes the subject whenever the topic comes around to Aoishi possibly dating anyone. Awww, it’s kind of cute how even given his daughter’s age, Mr. Aoishi isn’t 100% keen on her dating. Shows up much he loves and dotes on his daughter.

This episode also had a hilarious daydream sequence which had Tanokura and Aoishi in feudal Japan and Tanokura breaks up with her for being so “burdnesome”. It was just funny goodness. I must say the actor playing Tanokura does not really look good with the partially shaved plate. Some men kind of pull it off some men don’t. I really don’t get why that was considered a nobleman’s hairstyle back in the day. Just like the shaved heads and braids back in one dynasty in China.

Ah, worth mentioning is Aoishi’s boss consulting her about what to do about his wife. She moved out a year ago and is living with her parents. He has no idea why she did that, but given her personality he knows she had her reasons. Should he take the initiative to apologize for whatever it was that hurt her? Aoishi then wonders if he’s not mad that he doesn’t know why? Again, his wife wouldn’t do anything without a valid reason…so not really. I think that talk helped Aoishi kind of put things into perspective in looking at the situation from both sides.

Should I apologize for whatever it was I did and win he back?

Should I apologize for whatever it was I did and win her back?


  • Hmm… disagree that Yu is setting up to wreck Hanae’s relationship. All that he’s done so far has been to get her to face her fears and issues head on. Yu has actually been helping Hanae. Without his advice (no matter how unsolicited), Hanae would never have progressed this far with Yuto.

  • It’s like Hotaru’s progression with what’s his name is all, in part, thanks to Buchou. Asao is a kind of difficult person to read in certain respects. He does enjoy teasing her, but you do also see that there is some genuine concern there which does allow him to offer all of his unwanted advice. I guess it’s more or less Aoishi’s fault for taking his advice and comments to the extreme, but him proclaiming his liking of her right after he’s helped nudge her into Tanokura’s arms isn’t the best thing for him to be doing.

    • That I agree, and I’m still puzzling over why Yu did that (asked her to date him), since it goes against everything else he’s done. But I guess he had to go for the shock factor so that she would realise some things. And even though the rejection stings, Yu probably knows he and Hanae are not on the same page yet. I just wish Hanae would realise that Yu is helping her and stop giving him the brush-off.

      Yuto, for me, is the more difficult one to read, primarily because Fukushi is so bland he only has a grand total of two expressions. I can’t understand why Yuto would be interested in Hanae, and vice versa, to be honest. Not to mention, there’s very little chemistry between Ayase and Fukushi, which makes the selling of such a relationship difficult. Ayase and Tamaki, however, are excellent together and definitely need more scenes – preferably ones where she starts being nicer to him!

      Hotaru and Buchou… ahhh, love them.

      • I know that Asao’s personality can be a bit grating and overpowering in how he does things at times, but, I definitely do agree that Aoishi shouldn’t treat him like the plague that needs to be avoided at all costs. I think these two could have some really great scenes down the line and hope we get them.

        I don’t know much about Fukushi, but yeah, he really hasn’t shown much acting range. His actions in the first episode were very unfathomable to me. I mean you can’t say it’s impossible for him to like her, but we really didn’t have any buildup. He does state over and over that she is a lot like he is and we do see how they do at times have very complimentary personalities and tastes. And when he mentions the interview, I could sort of see a tiny glimpse of how that could have possibly started him on crush land.a But it is a bit of a stretch. Last Cinderella really lacked from romantic chemistry between Miura and Shinohara. I mean, those two had great friendship chemistry, but I didn’t buy them as lovers. I’m okay so far with Fukushi and Ayase, but you’re right that she does have some good stuff going with Tamaki.

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