New Blog Discoveries

Happy November. It’s warm, it’s cold. It gets dark super early. White stuff has already been spotted. Time to cuddle up watch dramas, listen to music, read good books, and peruse good blogs. And by peruse…I mean study deeply, not casually look.

Two new discoveries:

dramachaser – drama and reality show recaps. I like reading the Roommate ones. They are short, sweet, and funny doses of the hour and a half long episodes. I like the use of quotes for the recaps and overview titles. Very well done.

orange jasmine purple yam – ah, warm fuzzies remembering my first love of Arashi. It’s been 15 years already? In idol age that is quite the milestone. Love the music posts and Arashi focus.


  • I have said it before but I like the variety of your posts 😀 I normally learn about new blogs through websites/other blogs. It’s nice to get different perspectives on dramas, as well as to get a feel for ppl’s writing styles.
    No, snow where I live but colder weather & more darkness. I can’t complain because Fall is my favorite season. There is something that I love about the crisp air that def makes me want to stay home & relax watching a good kdrama (or five).

    • Yeah, kind of like six degrees of separation in the blog world. One leads to another an to another and it can be very interesting to see other people’s writing styles and perspectives.

      The weather and darkness is definitely helping me get back on the drama-watching bandwagon right now. Plus, I think the offerings now are a bit better than summer which seemed a bit lackluster to me for whatever reasons.

  • oh wow ☺thank you so much. i’m glad you like my posts ☺

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