Dear, Sister Episodes 1-2

Ishihara Satomi, Matsushita NaoI grew up exceptionally close with my sister. We are two days shy of being a full year apart. She’s a mother (seriously), a friend, and so much more. I was attracted to the previews about this drama and the first two episodes have definitely piqued my interest. This drama follows the lives of Fukuzawa Hazuki (played by Matsushita Nao) and Fukazawa Misaki (played by Ishihara Satomi). Hazuki is the responsible (boring) eldest while Misaki is the wild and carefree younger sister. The two bicker all the time and Hazuki blames Misaki for all major bad happenings in her life, but you know that no matter how much she complains, she really does love her little sister.

For family background, it sounds like Mrs. Fukazawa raised her daughters on her own, but I don’t think we’ve learned about their father. I don’t know if he died, if there was a divorce, or what. Hazuki feels that their mother (played by Katahira Nagisa) doted on Misaki while Misaki knows she was doted on and feels badly for this, but she also feels insignificant since Nanae never consults her and just makes decisions with and depends solely on Hazuki.

Hazuki works at a ward office, so she’s a government worker. She has a passion for fashion design and her first dream that we hear, besides of getting married sooner rather than later, is to wear a dress that she designed. Misaki…I don’t know if she went to college at all, I think she only finished high school if that and she has no skills, so I think she’s just held tons of part time jobs over the years.

We open this series with Misaki taking a pregnancy test and wouldn’t you know it turns up positive? Meanwhile Hazuki’s 30th birthday is fast approaching and she keeps dropping hints to her boyfriend, Yoshimura Tatsuya (Hiraoka Yuta—loved him in his role in Ando Lloyd) about getting married in your 20s. He feigns ignorance and even pretends to have forgotten her birthday. It was all just a ruse, though, and he had a surprise party planned where he proposed to her. This makes Hazuki very happy and her coworker Hirayasu Naoko (MEGUMI) very unhappy.

Hazuki and Tatsuya return home and Misaki has not yet cleared the premise. After she dropped in announced and was fooling around with a complete stranger, Hazuki gave her one day to get out of the apartment. Tatsuya and Misaki hit it off well and Tatsuya expresses surprise at learning that Hazuki even had a younger sibling. Ouch. Anywho, Hazuki is happily planning her wedding with her best friend Kazuko (Mori Kanna) while Misaki…is doing very mysterious things. Well…she’s creating a bucket list, talking of dying, and is having her bests friend Hachi, real name Sakurabo Eito (played by Iwata Takanori), who is a professional skateboarder I guess, doing some investigating for her.

After uncovering something, Misaki goes to work. Hazuki returns home and finds her sister in bed with her fiance! This earns Misaki a slap and all of her belongings ejected from the apartment via the window. Tatsuya tries to explain things, but is kicked out as well. Once outside, Misaki tells the creep to steer clear of her big sister. She then goes to Hachi’s place to spend the night. Only she can’t stay there for too long because his older brother is moving in until he gets a place of his own. His brother is a teacher. Soichiro (played by the awesome Tanabe Seiichi) is Misaki’s first love! And former teacher. And he’s a whole 15 years older than his brother and Misaki. Misaki lies to Hachi and says she’s completely over Soichiro, but I don’t think so since we saw her claim up at the mention of his name…plus she even deleted his contact information earlier.

The next day Nanae is horrified to hear that Hazuki is cancelling the wedding and when she asks why, Hazuki huffs at her to ask Misaki. This earns Hazuki a scolding about not telling Nanae that her youngest daughter was back. Poor Hazuki. Thankfully Kazuko shows up to comfort her. You can definitely tell that while Hazuki is upset about the whole ordeal, she was certainly not very much in love with Tatsuya. This is witnessed even more when she discovers Misaki’s phone got left behind on accident and is full of pictures of Tatsuya cheating with Naoko. Tatsuya and Naoka are all awkward around Hazuki who treats them exactly like normal.

Soichiro re-enters the picture and sends Misaki fleeing from Hachi’s place before she can be discovered. Hazuki seeks her little sister out and invites Misaki to live with her once more. Misaki is happy at this turn of events and the two talk. Hazuki does agree that she didn’t love Tatsuya all that much since she’s not too upset, and she was also hiding the fact that she visited an OB/GYN for a bridal checkup only to learn she would have a hard time conceiving a child. The girls return home and after Hazkuki goes to sleep, Misaki takes out her diary and unlocks it. Inside is her pregnancy book and her pregnancy test. She flips a page in the diary and crosses an item off her to do list. It reads to break up Hazuki and her boyfriend and find her sister a new boyfriend.

This is where things get complicated. I originally thought that Misaki was back and was just going to cheat her sister—she found Hazuki’s hidden bankbook and passkey. But she put all that stuff back and all of her to do items revolve around Hazuki. Plus, in the first two episodes, Misaki does talk about death. So you wonder if there is a bigger secret than her pregnancy. I believe, and it is conjecture right now, that Misaki is planning to give her careful older sister the life she really desires and a great man who can love her. I also think Misaki wishes Hazuki will raise the baby, but so far we are not completely privy to what exactly is Misaki’s plans in all of this.

Episode two is chalk full of surprises. Misaki starts working at a host club where she earns the animosity of the number one hostess (she’s considered cheap and a threat to popularity). This girl begs a wealthy customer to teach Misaki a lesson and previews show he’s up to some underhanded tricks to get Misaki to be his. Nanae announces she will be getting married and Hazuki does not approve until she sits down and has a talk with the groom-to-be. This makes Misaki unhappy becase with Hazuki’s blessing Nanae and her boyfriend are all set to go through with the wedding making Misaki feel left out.

Hazuki runs into Soichiro and invites him back to the apartment for the sole reason to have Misaki apologize for him having to leave his job all those years ago because he spent the night with Misaki. Whether or not anything physical happened between them at the time, I don’t know. Anywho, we also learn that Hazuki had a major crush on their sensei! Eek. Hazuki decides to pursue him right after the breakup and Misaki is not pleased at all. I do believe that Soichiro is the father of the baby as we get a flashback to the two meeting at a festival and going somewhere where they spend the night together. So…why is Misaki keeping mum and staying away from Soichiro who tells her upfront he wants to be in a serious relationship with her?

Ah, and surprise, surprise, if you haven’t guessed it yet, Hachi is in love with Misaki. I have no idea why she believes him to be gay, but he’s very straight. Misaki uses him as a cuddle toy when sleeping and is constantly touching and leaning on him. He’s her support and her best friend in the entire world. She’s happy he’s gay so their relationship will remain intact, but he’s struggling and you know it. He’s having a hard time keeping himself from showing his true feelings. I do think he and Misaki could be a very cute couple. Ah, Soichiro does get an apartment of his own and pays lil bro a visit just to find Misaki leaning on Hachi. He turns away and leaves without a word and you know he thinks the girl he likes is now in love with his little brother as previews show him lecturing Hachi about getting a real job and being responsible.

Besides her past history with Soichiro blocking him from being a candidate for Hazuki’s boyfriend, I don’t know what else Misaki has against him, but she’s bound and determined to set Hazuki up with Hagiwara Yohei (Hirayama Hiroyuki) who is the owner of a restaurant Hazuki frequents called Appleseed. Misaki even volunteers to help out at his organic farm to try to get more info out of him. He thinks she’s hitting on her and apologizes. Misaki repeats over and over that isn’t the case, but he keeps apologizing. She complains of the heat and mutters why he thinks she likes him before collapsing. He swoops her up and carries her to his sister’s place. Uesugi Kaori (Horiuchi Keiko) instantly knows that Misaki is pregnant. Misaki begs her to keep the secret and Kaori promises to after lecturing Misaki about taking care of her health. Yohei comes back to take Misaki home and she tells him she knows he likes her sister, but Hazuki is very dense, so he’ll have to make a move instead of mooning over her completely and watching her from not-so-afar. Hearing that Hazuki and Tatsuya broke up makes Yohei very happy.

We do learn in episode two that Misaki has an allergy to the sun. That’s why she has her umbrella out even when it’s not raining. Although, I don’t think this show is doing justice to her problem with how she dresses and the fact she isn’t always using the umbrella on sunny days, but hey.

So that’s about it. I’m very interested in Misaki’s grand scheme. Is there something really wrong with her or is she just planning on giving the child up because she doesn’t want the burden? Lots of questions and I’m sure we’ll get answers along the way—like why Misaki ran away from Soichiro and why she thinks his little brother is gay, etc.


  • I skimmed through ep1 but wasn’t very interested in the story. From what you said about ep2 it sounds like TONS happens. Maybe I’ll have to check out ep2 too! O_O”

    • This will be a very confusing and convoluted plot at times, but I am surprised in how much I am enjoying it after two episodes and I am amazed at just how much has already been introduced. Crazy. I do recommend giving it another chance, but I know the story won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

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