Smile, Donghae Episode 84 Recap

The more you watch and think about it, the more Anna and Donghae get shafted and the short end of the stick, you know? Because Hye Sook knows her husband too well, she’s throwing it all on Anna’s shoulders to do the right thing. Poor Anna is heartbroken and caught between a rock and a hard place which is her respect for Hye Sook and the kindness she’s shown and her eternal love for James who she has now discovered is Hye Sook’s husband. What I really don’t like is the treatment of Anna as the “other woman” which she technically never was. She and Jun were together before his marriage. Yes, if they continued on their relationship while he was still married, that’s another thing. But come on, we all know they didn’t. We also know Donghae isn’t the product of an affair or anything like that, so it’s really wrong that Hye Sook is acting like he can’t have any claim on his real father because Jun is her husband and the father of her son.

Perhaps it’s because the US has hit a 50%+ divorce rate, I don’t necessarily frown upon divorce. I don’t think that people should treat marriage as lightly as they do because divorce is more common and more widely accepted, but it’s not a wrong thing. And honestly if Kim Jun’s heart really doesn’t lie with his family, I don’t think it’s wrong of him to divorce Hye Sook to be with Anna, but if you listen to the characters that is horribly wrong. Socially we know that Anna and Donghae and Jun would be scorned for this even though the three technically are all innocent. Given I know the ending of this drama, I could tell you what happens and how things turn out, but I’ll keep that for when we get to those parts. Anywho, if Jun was just doing this out of obligation for the pain and suffering he caused his ex and her child, then he obviously shouldn’t divorce his current wife for that reason alone.

I think I’ve kind of complained about Hye Sook’s love for her husband since day one as we all know it is not a healthy love at all. And her demented expressions and threatening of Anna and Donghae in this episode goes to prove she’s willing to go completely crazy to keep what she views as rightfully hers. I do like that Pil Jae got up in her face about how she needs to target her husband and not Anna as it was Kim Jun that caused the entire mess. Hye Sook being Hye Sook tells him to shut his yap as she has no idea what he thinks he knows, but she’ll make sure to destroy his brother’s newly started kimchi business. Pil Jae is obviously upset, but he also knows now is not the time to provoke Hye Sook, but even though he backs down, he does warn her that he will not let her be if Anna or his brother are hurt. Hye Sook smirks and you do have to wonder what it is Pil Jae will do, but you would kind of like the underdog with no power to land a nice blow.

Again, I do feel everything is unfair to Anna. After Hye Sook leaves and Pil Jae threatens her, he goes to Anna and tells her that it is wrong for her to be with Kim Jun. As the man is married, Pil Jae is right. If Anna were to be with Jun, the man does need to successfully put an end to his marriage first. He isn’t the James she knows. Pil Jae is also very skeptical of Kim Jun really leaving his family and plus we all know that Pil Jae will think even less of Jun if he does abandon his wife and son for Anna and Donghae. Anywho, Pil Jae says he was going to wait for her to come to him, but he can’t. He vows he will become her James and will make her only look at him. While you get where he’s coming from, it’s really too selfish at this point since Anna’s wounds are fresh and very new and she’s having a horrible time trying to cope with the truth and stop herself from wanting to be with James.

Hye Sook even takes to being vicious to Donghae which totally floors our young chef when he goes to bring her the dinner he made for her and her husband. Bongi says the woman must just be having a bad day, but that is not it at all. Since she can’t swap Donghae out, Hye Sook asks about the consequences of him quitting the show. The PD goes to Jun and Jun starts putting two and two together and comes to the conclusion that Hye Sook has learned the truth about Anna after all. Not wanting his son and Anna to get hurt, he calls his wife only to have her arrive with the food prepared by Head Chef. He finally spits out the words she’s been trying to avoid – that he has someone else and wants to leave her.

Meanwhile, Saewa shows up at Do Jin’s hotel room because she won’t lose her marriage that she worked so hard for without a fight. We all know what Saewa’s ultimate weapon will be and it’s a baby. That’s the sure fire way to have Hye Sook stop her forced divorce. While Saewa is surprising Do Jin, her mother did confront Hye Sook and promise to do whatever it takes to get rid of Anna and Donghae. Grr. Oh…and in order to save herself and her husband from the broken contract fee and getting sued for Tae Hun losing his temper and hitting her boss, Sae Young robs her mother’s bank account. Typical Sae Young.

Donghae’s and Bongi’s relationship is about to be exposed as Sun Ok discovers the matching smurf sweaters, but Baek Yu Jin shows up and announces she’s Donghae’s future wife in front of everyone. Eyeroll. What a tangled mess, ne?


  • Thanks for your hard work, the drama is playing in my country and its on episode 44; I would have quit long ago if not for your recaps.

    • Aww, I’m glad my recaps are helping you keep watching. It’s a good drama, but does get frustrating with how long they drag everything out since it is a daily drama. I need to finish off the rest of the series myself.

  • updated from November last year please upload

  • I see the last recap is episode 84…where are the rest??? My tv got messed up and I cannot watch the episodes…

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