Album of the Month – Roy Kim’s Home

There’s just something very pleasing about Roy Kim’s style and voice. It’s like a healthy meal of your favorite comfort foods, a fuzzy soft blanket on a cold night, a ray of sun on a gloomy day. I feel this way about Standing Egg’s music as well. Just listening to it makes me happy. I have a new Album of the Month! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

Roy Kim released a new album, Home, last week. CJ E&M sometimes loads entire albums or partial albums to their YouTube account. Thus, if you’re new to Roy Kim or just not sure you want to go out and buy his new album, you can listen to the songs and be the judge. They are not typical kpop. He’s more into soft acoustic and mellow music. I’ve got not problem with that, but I do know that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Just like my love for indie rock definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Speaking of which, Arirang was doing a rock show where they were exploring Korean rock history…I need to watch that. Anywho, enjoy the beauty of Roy Kim’s voice and if you like what you hear, do go out and buy his album. It’s awesome.

Roy Kim

Released 8 October 2014
Buy on iTunes | YesAsia

01 Nothing Lasts Forever (My favorite track from the album!)

02 When Autumn Comes 가을에 [Gaeule] (This song…melts.)

03 Home (After the softer opening songs, this song has a stronger sound…not hard or anything, it’s got more volume to it really, still very pretty.)

04 If You Love Me 날 사랑한다면 [Nal Saranghanmamyeon] (Love the guitar in this song! Again, different from the first three songs in style. Gah. Roy Kim. His change of tempo and how he goes soft and then loud, he really can make a song dynamic to keep it from being boring.)

05 Now I Know feat. Jung Ji Chan 잘 있나요 그대 [Jal Ittnayo Geudae] (This song is just addictive to me and you know what? He sings really clear so you can actually understand everything he’s singing. It’s nice.)

06 Hold On 롱디 [Rongdi] (After the more upbeat tracks of 3-5, he slows it down for another beautiful ballad. Shivers. Those higher…falsetto?…notes. Daebak.)

07 Curtain feat. Jung Seong Ha (Love the guitar in this song…but not sure if I like this quite as much as the other songs on the album, but still an excellent song.)

08 Far Away 멀어졌죠 [Meoleojyeottjyo] (This song…hard to put a finger on…it’s interesting and makes me want to listen to it over and over again.)

09 Thank You (Bonus Track) (A beautiful way to end a beautiful album.)

Even with the more upbeat songs, Roy Kim has elements that tie all the songs together. He does a lot of the…it’s not humming, but doing those higher, softer notes throughout (like ooooos and stuff like that). Overall, definitely an album I’m buying…after I pay all my bills for the month. 😛 Ah, the realities of being an adult.

And for those interested, there will be a live streaming meet & greet with Roy Kim tomorrow, October 16! More details on that here (in English!): You can also check out more about Roy Kim with his official site.


  • Thanks to Nelly I saw the video and heard the song. Beautiful voice! We are determined to take a day and go stalking him while he is at school!!

  • I ADORE this album! I wrote a long post gushing about it. I am most definitely going to have to buy this one. It’s just so excellent!!! And ah, I can’t say enough good things about it. I also really appreciate that they put the full audio up online. And they also just released a MV for When Autumn Comes (my favourite on the album).

    • I can’t believe I missed your post. I had to go read it and gush with you, lol. This is definitely a buy worthy album. I bought his first and loved it…I think I might like this one even better and I’m very happy that C&J or whatever it’s called will upload non-MV songs. So much pretty to listen to until I can afford to buy music again. When Autumn Comes is such a beautiful song. It was hard to choose a favorite, but I think it is Track 1 for me. The message with that song is rather beautiful…actually all his song lyrics are quite meaningful and heartfelt.

      • Yay! I will respond to your comment ASAP. I feel like he just gets better and better with each album! And I also really loved the first track. And the more I listen and read the lyrics, the more I love the whole album. It’s just a great collection. And you are so right! It is most definitely meaningful and heartfelt. All of it.

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