Autumn Sunshine aka Sunshine Award Part 2

It was so nice to be awarded the Sunshine Award from heisui at My Drama Tea and imagine my surprise as getting another from Indigo at Between Wor(L)ds. I say surprise because I’ve been sadly not as actively doing that many things this year. Gomen ne. It’s always nice to know that you’re appreciated.

I wont be strictly following the rules for this the second time around since I have done it once before already, but I decided to answer Indigo’s question in their own post vs. just replying back on her blog. You definitely need to check her blog out. She’s awesome in all the bits and pieces that she posts.

1. Kim Woo Bin without his trademark eyebrows or Kim Woo Bin without his deep voice – which version of him would you choose?

Sans eyebrows or sans that smexy voice? Gasp! How would that be Kim Woo Bin? But, If I had to choose, I would rather him be without his trademark brows versus his trademark voice. There’s just something about that voice you just want to listen to. It would be a shame if we lost that voice.

2. Choose a K-pop song to describe how you feel about your favourite K-drama actor/K-pop bias. (Feel free to include a line or two from the lyrics to further explain your choice.)

I don’t think I can really answer this question as I’m not like I once was going gaga over idols and actors. But, I suppose, since I am going through a Topp Dogg phase…how about “Open The Door” for Topp Dogg?

3. Pick two drama titles and mash them into one. Briefly explain the premise of this mash-up drama. (e.g. The Heirs From The Stars)

Absolute Darling of Heartless City. How about having a naïve robotic boyfriend with a really bad jealousy streak being a secret undercover cop trying to help his lady love escape from a crime syndicate? I like being random.

4. You’re going to noraebang (karaoke) with your Korean friends. It’s your turn to sing, what song will you pick? (It has to be a Korean song)

I actually have an answer for this one! Actually, I’m torn between two songs and I have no idea if either would actually be in a noraebang. My absolute go to song would be 기다리는 시간 [Kidarineun Sigan; Waiting Time]. The song is from the Doremifasolatido OST. BUT…I’m also very tempted by Standing Egg’s 가슴 아픈 말 [Gaseum Appeun Mal; Heartbreaking Words] which I tear up trying to sing, lol.

5. Pick three Korean male celebrities of your choice….Okay, ready? Now highlight the hidden text in the following brackets: (Let’s play a round of Kiss, Marry, Kill. Out of these three celebrities, who will you kiss, who will you marry and who will you kill? Let the games begin, muahahahahahaa XD)

Kim Jae Wook, Seo Ji Suk, Lee Gwang Soo.

Ye gads! What am I supposed to do with this one? Well…Seo Ji Suk is already married…and you shouldn’t kiss a married man…so I guess he’d have to die? Say it isn’t so! Um…guess I’d kiss Lee Gwang Soo and marry Kim Jae Wook. I do have this thing for Kim Jae Wook…hard to explain lol.

6. Which drama do you think would be more interesting to watch if all the leading female characters were male and vice versa?

So there’s this Japanese drama called Mendol ~Ikemen Idol~ in this drama three girls are running for their lives and end up living as male idols. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if they could actually do this in reverse? Having three men running for their lives and living in hiding as female idols? Pretty tough to pull off. Like that one very short Korean drama where a popular female idol was really a boy and there was NO WAY you would actually buy that person was really a girl.

7. Who do you think was a better boyfriend: Gu Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flowers or Kim Tan from The Heirs? Or rather, who was worse?

I checked out of The Heirs after 4 episodes and only watched clips of Kim Woo Bin’s character’s awesomeness. So, I can’t compare. But, in the long run, even though you know how horrible Domyoji/Gu Jun Pyo is at the start, if you follow through to the end…he’s better than you’d think. So maybe he’s less worse than Kim Tan? I really don’t know without watching the drama.

8. Finish this sentence: A K-drama is not a K-drama without…

Geez, this one is actually rather hard to choose just one. Let’s be honest…a k-drama isn’t a k-drama without a contract relationship, amnesia, a birth secret, rich man-poor woman love story, a horrible female lead who let’s everyone step all over her (be honest, strong female leads aren’t as common as we would like), especially the equally horribly chaebol male lead, and a sometimes miraculously cured incurable disease.


(you get a cookie if you answer this one)

9. Do you watch The Walking Dead? (I could really use myself a Walking Dead buddy, none of my friends watch the show and I have nobody to share my impressions of the season 5 premiere :P)

I wish I could say I watch the show, but I don’t. I tend to stay away from horror…although I do make forays into funny horror where it’s so silly and slapstick since it’s poking fun of traditional horror movies.

And while I’m not going to do anything quite like you’re supposed to, I would like to say two nominees that I didn’t get to the first time around. dewaanifordrama from Samsoon Down the Rabbit Hole is the first. I lurk, I sometimes comment. Love the blog, lover her commentaries on dramas. I stalk dewaanifordrama on Twitter, too! And even though Ddee hasn’t been posting very regularly anymore on Obsessive Compulsive K-Drama Watching Disorder, her weekly digests and all of her Tumblr posts are little rays of sunshine. And here are my questions for them.

  1. When you need to brighten the mood, what’s your go to song?
  2. On a rainy day this is what’s playing on my music player of choice: _____.
  3. Sunrise, sunset, or neither?
  4. If you could meet any Korean actor/actress and spend the day with them, who would it be and what would you do?

And that’s it from me. Provided my video collection decides to like me, I’ll try to get some recaps up Friday or over the weekend. I’ve also got a random post brewing. Mwah ha ha.


  • LOL these are really funny and entertaining questions. Especially #5. 😛

  • Yay, so glad you took time to answer my questions 🙂

    Absolute Darling of Heartless City? Yeah 😀 That is kinda random. But I could totally imagine this being this super random and hilarious parody of the two dramas and I would totally watch it for the giggles.

    “I do have this thing for Kim Jae Wook…hard to explain lol.” Yeah I don’t think it’s that hard to explain. It’s Kim Jae Wook, of course you would want to marry him! 😀 😀

    “But, in the long run, even though you know how horrible Domyoji/Gu Jun Pyo is at the start, if you follow through to the end…he’s better than you’d think.” You are so right about Jun Pyo. I’d also pick him over Kim Tan, although Jun Pyo starts out way worse. But at least he really tries hard to be better for Jan Di and that’s the key difference between him and Kim Tan, I think. Because Kim Tan seems like a caring guy at first, but he’s actually so emotionally manipulative and he keeps forcing himself on the lead girl that it’s just so off-putting. Of course, since you didn’t watch the show you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but I just wanted to say that your answer is actually really accurate 😀

    • You’re questions were both fun and hard! I also think that drama mashup really could be a hilarious spoof of the two dramas if done right.

      When reading the manga, I really didn’t like the leading male and really wanted Tsukushi to get together with Rui, but our curly haired leader grew on me and he really could hold his own and protect his girl. From what I’ve seen and heard others complain about, definitely not so with Kim Tan’s character.

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