Final Thoughts on Keizoku 2: SPEC

Keizoku was a funky Japanese police drama from 1999. It had one season, an SP, and a movie. Much like Japanese series Trick (which actually came after the original Keizoku), the cases delved into mysterious happenings that ultimately ended up being explained scientifically outside the realm of the supernatural. One of the best things about the series was the super intelligent and yet klutzy, slovenly, female detective and her male partner. 11 years later came Keizoku 2: SPEC. This time all the supernatural things happening really were based in the realm of the supernatural with humans that had evolved and developed special powers. Somewhere in the series they talk about how it was actually a strong desire that helped give birth to SPEC holders. Like Youta’s desire to stop time and save his parents led him to sort of stop time…really his time just sped by faster than normal even though he did stop aging.

SPEC Final MovieAnywho. I enjoyed the first series. I enjoyed the seconds series and the 2 SPs. Even the first movie wasn’t bad. Then came Incarnation and Reincarnation. A special two movie finale to the series. Given all the previews it was definitely hinted that an unhappy ending was coming up. I still finished out the series by watching these two movies. And what can I say now that I have finished the SPEC series? Sigh. I wasn’t happy with where it went at all. Also, given the happenings in Incarnation and Reincarnation…one movie actually would have sufficed. The final battle got longwinded and rather dull and I won’t lie, I was kind of confused about what was going on with the pre-humans and just what Osamu Mukai’s character really wanted.

Both movies had some of the cute randomness as expected from our cast and you got to see Toma’s and Sebumi’s really close relationship, as well as Sebumi’s miraculous survival of every single thing that poor man is put through. The first movie had lots of recap to the series as did the finale with all the flashbacks to the events from the first movie coupled with flashbacks from the entire series. So Toma is Solomon’s Key. Her body is able to be host to the pre-humans so they can finally return to a physical body. Of course Toma doesn’t want this and we start delving into how the Earth really has a consciousness—Gaia. The Pre-humans insist they know what Gaia wants, when the Hibiko pre-human asserts that what Mukai is talking about really isn’t want Gaia wants at all.

The Pre-humans hate humans with a passion. Selfish parasites, plaguing the earth. They also don’t like to think that SPECs are any better than normal humans. Although, they do admit that SPEC holders are more in tune with Gaia than normal humans, thus their evolution into what they are now. Blah, blah. And just how many secret councils which supposedly all rule the world are there? Though, I suppose you can say that the secret councils never get fully killed off.

A lot of scenes were with the pre-humans talking about how the end is near and referencing Toma quite often. Of course we learn later that this is because Toma is supposed to be the harbinger of the end of the world…which has ended many times before thanks to humans, I guess, and this time is no different…or is it? I got bored with the pre-human scenes. They just kept talking about how worthless humans are. Of course Jun, who is a pre-human who desired to be born to a human for whatever reason, isn’t as callous as she appears to be towards humans because she has a huge soft spot for mommy Aiko.

But, anyways. Yeah. Lots of exposition. Not as much action, but what action they had was jam-packed. Even the final battle wasn’t all that amazing. Toma reveals that she hasn’t been some mindless person after going to the “dark side” to get revenge on the horrible people who killed innocent children, along with the people she loves and cares about…i.e. Nonomura. She’s perfectly conscious and called forth her SPEC powers to bring back all the dead SPEC holders from Satori to Nancy to Chii to Ninomae to Reizei. With them she actually faked a nuclear explosion to make Mukai and crew think the end was nigh. Of course Mukai wasn’t amused at this and he wipes out Toma’s entire SPEC crew and sends them to the seventh circle of hell from which there is no escape and they can never be reborn in a physical form. He even supposedly wipes out Hibiko who was the head of the pre-humans.

So Mukai snaps his fingers to end the world we get magma, tornados, etc. Toma does stand strong and does her best to fulfill Reizei’s last prophecy. Of course she nearly succeeds, but gets stuck and the only person who can stop the end of the world is Sebumi—by killing her. Sebumi says he will meet her in the next life and kills her. Once she dies the world goes back to normal and Sebumi gets his rear beaten half to death for killing Toma—a fellow cop. And then we get all the scenes from the entire series as Toma floats all over the place until she lands in Sebumi’s cell where the beaten man is meditating and he does manage to grab her and hold her there. And we end with a man and woman talking about what just happened and how it’s only Toma (who is supposed to be in the depths of hell as well) who understands that time has gone backwards. Only…that doesn’t make sense. That was Reizei’s last words, that if Toma could harness the power of Solomon’s Key, then she could turn back time, but time didn’t get turned back like I thought it would, so I’m confused by that. I’m also confused as to what the female voice calls the male—Asakura. If you know anything about Keizoku, then you should recognize Asakura as shiveringly evil main baddie from the original series. What the heck.

So yeah. Given that ending…not really happy. Sure, Sebumi and Toma are together in spirit, but what the heck kind of ending is that? Since they made that grand speech about reversing time, I figured it would be reversed and we’d get that consummate happy ending…or at least we’d get to have a Toma that was still alive.

So, while I have definitely enjoyed both Keizoku series, I must say the ending of SPEC really did disappoint and wasn’t what I wanted. But kudos for the actors as they really did do a good job even if the movies were long and drawn out and somewhat pointless at the end.


  • Ok I didn’t see the final movie yet so I skipped through the parts about that, heh. Just wanted to say..YEAH Sebumi has survived so much! In the most recent SPEC movie I saw (forgot the full title of it..) the poor guy was hobbling around with casts on both legs. T_T”

    • I know! The amount of stuff that Sebumi has lived through is astounding. In the finale he does rip off his casts (exposing his bone because of how he ripped it off) and demanded meat because Toma said he was just feigning illness and then tells him that he has to stay put since he’s not healed yet. LOL. Those two.

  • he took off his cast by force and

  • I’m almost finished with the show but someone mentioned that there’s a manga of it?? By any chance, do you know the name of it?

    (not looking forward to this movie if that’s how it’s gonna end. i’ll live in denial lol)

    • I think it was titled ‘Spec ~ Rei’, and covers the SPEC Rei SP, but some of the details are different.

  • A great series, amazing characters and actors but just cannot get over the ending 😦
    I feel terrible for the character Sebumi at the end…. looking the world from his perspective, everyone he has ever gotten close with are gone

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