Song of the Week – 29 September 2014

It’s the final days of September and I do believe it’s finally been announced recently-ish that the drama Da Mao Yao aka Sound of the Desert…which did have a title change and I don’t remember what it is…has finally gotten it’s air date for later this fall.

Yesterday, Bin Music Taipei uploaded a gorgeous official MV for the drama.

The artist is Li Jianqing. I can’t find out much about him, just that I think this person is a student of Jonathan Lee. He has a very beautiful voice and coupled with the gorgeous melody, it makes the song doubly awesome.

Of course we get to see clips from the upcoming drama. Now I wonder if Eddie Peng’s character is going to survive to the end. After all the teasers and building up a cute love story with Liu Shi Shi, it would be so horrible if he dies. But it wouldn’t be surprising in the least. Anywho. Enjoy the gorgeous song from the OST and happy Monday! Can’t believe we switch over to October on Wednesday.


  • I feel kinda bad for Eddie Peng because everyone is making the hype about Hu Ge x LSS. He’s left out! I’m not sure what the OTP will be in the end anymore..

    • Right! I’m so confused with this MV & I do feel bad for Eddie, too. Since I never saw HG & LSS together before, I was open to whatever pairing & most of the scenes with her & Eddie in previews was really cute.

  • I wanted to be impartial esp since I loved HQB in the story more than JY. But after watching the chemistry between Hu Ge and LSS, I’m leaning towards that pair. But who knows – maybe eddie will surprise me :). I Love the song and have been listening to it on a loop!

    • The song is so beautiful! I just love it. HG & LSS have some cute chemistry as do she & Eddie, I’m waiting to watch the drama before deciding who I like best 🙂

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