ST Episode 10 Recap

ST-e10 (1)Um…so…I guess this is the final episode. Previews at the end of this episode show the continuation of the story, but then they show a date of January 2015! Say what? We seriously have to wait that long? I don’t want to. Sigh.

This episode feels like a tad bit of a let down in certain respects, but it is really nice to see Akagi finally answer that question he’s been fearing—is he a monster? And our ST staff did finally give their Cap a nicer send off. I really don’t want Yurine to go away from the ST and be replaced by Ikeda. Sure, they made a nice segue into Ikeda taking over and he and Aoyama are on better terms after the hostage crisis, but still. Sniffle. It’s just not the ST if our loveable and yet highly inefficient Cap isn’t there.

Akagi is keeping mum about Saegusa going over to the dark side as the investigation into the Momotaro serial murders continue. I don’t know if this is because he’s afraid of implicating Saegusa before the puzzle is solved or for other reasons, but regardless, Akagi is keeping his mouth shut. As ST and the detectives join forces to dig deeper and find the vigilante group another corpse is found and the rest of ST has started to relegate Captain Yurine as “Mister” as well and don’t wish to listen to him even though he is still the acting captain. Poor Yurine.


Needless to say Akagi does come to the realization that Yurine has to be the next target, especially after they uncovered something interesting about the pentagrams and the 5 whatever. I don’t remember what the five things are called but each point of the pentagram represents things like fire, water, wood, and earth. The people who have been killed have the kanji for those elements in their name. The only one that hasn’t been done is wood. Yurine speaks up and says that he even has that character in his name as do tons of other people in Japan. This puts more pieces of the puzzle in place for Akagi. He demands that Yurine stay locked up in the ST office where he’ll be safe. Yurine points out that he can’t be a target as he’s not seen publicly as a bad person. Of course Akagi wishes to keep mum on the whole reasoning behind it. He goes outside and texts Saegusa the answer to the riddle. The head of the organization looks at the text and says it’s incorrect so Saegusa tells him to keep working.

It’s at this time that they learn the detective from a different station they’d been working with on Momotaro has been kidnapped. He, too, has the character for wood in his name. Akagi isn’t stupid though and you know things aren’t adding up quite right for him. But for the time being, Captain is out investigating the latest disappearance. Yurine then goes to meet Saegusa at his bar since Saegusa has asked to talk with him. Yurine scurries over while yet another corpse is found. This was crime zero—the first crime. The man killed was  rapist/murderer who was released on insufficient evidence. Afterward he raped and murdered a police officer who happened to be in the same class as Saegusa in the academy. Uh oh. NOW Saegusa is on the radar for the whole investigation. Of course, the police officers don’t wish to believe one of their own is a vigilante.

As they are discovering Saegusa’s dark side, Saegusa is giving advice to Yurine in the form of telling the two very different stories of Momotaro. One is that he was a savior, punishing the bad, and the other story is that he came and instigated the bad in a peaceful town for a corrupt government. Yurine also complains about not being able to stay in ST and how horribly Akagi is treating him. Yurine then takes out a phone case with Akagi’s beloved monster on it. He’s been hesitating all this time to use and finally decides to slip it on. At this time he gets the call from Akagi about Saegusa and Akagi is horrified to learn he’s at the bar. Even more horrifying is what happens. The head of the vigilante organization has a gone pointed at Yurine. When he’s distracted by Akagi’s voice coming out of the phone, Yurine draws his own gun. A shot is fired and silence.

The horrified ST team rushes to the bar. It’s empty and there’s a pentagram painted on the wall with Yurine’s blood. Akagi goes outside and puts in a call to Saegusa. The mystery has been solved so Saegusa had better disclose his whereabouts immediately. Looks like Akagi is going in alone to save his precious Cap. Just earlier he was talking with Aoyama. He asks about her putting herself in the criminal’s shoes. Aoyama says this is not really necessarily what a profiler does. They use statistical data to delve into the criminal mind and don’t necessarily have to think like the killer or understand the killer to figure out everything. This makes Akagi feel worse. He wishes to be profiled—why does he love to solve mysteries so much? Is he really looking deep in the mind of a killer to solve a crime? Aoyama can’t answer that for him and that doesn’t make him happy at all.

ST gives there report to the investigation team. They don’t believe that Saegusa has committed any crimes. Sure, he quit after the female officer died, but a man left even earlier than he did. The picture of the man is the same man who we already know as the leader. While they are profiling and going over all the details of the case and what is going on (and the reason behind the man’s suicide wish), the leader is testing Saegusa’s devotion to the cause.

We are at an amusement park. Yurine is put next to the kidnapped officer. The leader apologizes saying he had never meant to shoot Yurine, but Yurine drew on him. Leader then gives a gun to Saegusa and claims the blindfolded detective is the one responsive for the rapist escaping who murdered the female detective. Saegusa rationalizes that is definitely not true and then tells Leader that the gun is too light and not loaded. This is all a test. Leader acknowledges this and tells Saegusa he never believed he was on his side. That’s why all the murders were carried out without him. So we learn that Saegusa quit his job and opened the bar just to go undercover in the organization to try to stop them.

Akagi arrives as Leader has a loaded gun pointed at Saegusa. Akagi gives his spiel and again the leader denies his conclusions. Leader then demands that Akagi kill him. The only way to catch a murderer is to become a murderer to understand how they think and fell. This will perfect Akagi’s knowledge. Yurine yells that Akagi is not a monster. Akagi is only obsessed with solving mysteries because he wishes to help others. While Leader goads Akagi on, Akagi puts more and more together. He then goes into his rapid-fire speech and unveils all of Leader’s plan. Sure, he doesn’t know everything just yet, but he knows just what Leader is doing. He then says it’s too bad because he’s anti-social with a horrible personality and the only way he can connect with the world is through the cases he solves—this is the only way he can help people.

Of course Leader doesn’t like this answer and immediately starts strangling Yurine while Saegusa is held down. Akagi comes back to attention and Yurine keeps telling him not to shoot since he’s not a murderer. Akagi then recalls Saegusa’s words about Akagi not being the kind to fabricate evidence. He then recalls that in the case of the murdered office, the rapist was let off because of fabricated evidence. Since an officer fabricated evidence, all evidence was dismissed and the criminal was let loose to kill and rape again. Akagi has his mystery solved meltdown and then says that Leader wants to die, become a martyr to have Akagi take over his role, plus he feels guilty for fabricating the evidence which led to his close friend’s death. News to Saegusa. Wouldn’t Saegusa have known that his friend was the person who fabricated it?

Enter the cavalry. Leader dives for his gun and Yurine dives with him. They struggle over it and Yurine gets shot. Akagi rushes over and holds onto his beloved Cap as Kurosaki rushes in and kicks butt. I do believe Yurine yelled at them not to harm anyone before the diving for the gun incident, thus why Kurosaki kicks butt versus the officers utilizing their guns. Anywho, Yurine tells Akagi that he’s happy to have joined the ST and met them all. He has no regrets. Akagi then calmly tells Cap that he just has a flesh wound. Yurine’s eyes spring open. LOL. Drama queen…er king. Akagi then haphazardly pulls him to his feet while Yurine keeps whining about being in pain.

As Leader is being interrogated, Saegusa apologizes for keeping the big secret from Matsuda. He says its thanks to her he could leave his post to take on the undercover job since he didn’t have to worry about taking care of the ST as long as she was there. So Saegusa is still in a policeman. Whether or not he’ll take his old job from Matsuda or take on a new position is unknown. Ikeda and Yurine are both out of the hospital and dressed identically with casts which make the ST team tease the two and how Akagi will be jealous of this display of closeness. Ikeda has had enough ribbing and rips off Yurine’s cast since his was a flesh would and he doesn’t need it. LOL. The ST then say thank you and you’re welcome to their Cap before ignoring him again to his annoyance. Then comes a phone call from Akagi which has him complaining nonstop again. Kikukawa and the detectives were going to pay their respects as Yurine’s days in their department are almost over, but they leave so the team can be together alone.

And just when you think this show has ended all happy…the next day Akagi is thrown in jail for murder. WTH! After all that agonizing and Akagi realizing he isn’t a monster and that Cap helped him see that, he’s arrested for murder? Oh, I’m sure he didn’t kill anyone, but still. Aggravating. More aggravating is the previews with the date of January 2015. Do we really have to wait that long for the continuation of the  story? Sob.

ST-e10 (42)Overall, trite with some overacting, but at the same time, totally endearing with our oddball cast. Although, I do wish they had a bit more team moments than individual stories like they had woven throughout. That would have been even better. But still, it’s an enjoyable detective drama. I’m sure both Fujiwara and Okada wore themselves out with their emotional highs and lows and tantrums. Good acting, except for the way too exaggerated overacting especially on Okada’s part. I get it, but I don’t like it. His more toned down, less manicness was better than the total spastic bursts he was wont to have.

It is kind of weird that Matsuda took over Saegusa’s job and Saegusa really didn’t seem to be involved in the thick of things like Matsuda was. Even more weird is how Ikeda’s annoying personality was tamed by Matsuda. He didn’t seem like the Ikeda we knew and kind of hated in the SP. I wasn’t entirely pleased by the inconsistency with his character. Not horrible, but not totally believable.

Until January 10th, we have to bid goodbye to the ST. Looks like this will be the last of the ST series because they call it “The Final Problem.”

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