ATARU the Movie Coming Soon!

I totally forgot about this movie! How could I? The actor (whose name I’m conveniently forgetting right now, but he’s a SMAP member) who played Chokozai really did an amazing job and I really loved the chemistry and dynamics of our team. Here’s hoping the movie will be good. The previews were intense and worrisome. Horikita Maki comes on as a Chokozai-like enemy.

So that’s on my watch list tonight! I’m finally watching ATARU: First Love Last Kill … or at least that’s what I think the entire title is. So I’ll be recapping or reviewing that tomorrow…if I have time since it’s crazy Thursday with lots of running. If not, it will be tomorrow.

And on other news…seriously? Now there’s going to be a Korean remake of LIAR GAME? There’s tons of manga for drama fodder, why must we do things that have already been done and done well? Although, I’ll probably tune into this as I’m interested how deep the Korean drama will go in exploring the dark side of people and how Kanzaki Nao’s hopeless innocence and optimism wins with Akiyama’s cynicism and mastery. I won’t tune into the Nodame remake just yet. I haven’t finished the iconic jdrama (even though I do really love it) and I’d rather finish that first. Or maybe I should watch the Korean version before the jdrama version is completely cemented in.


  • Wow I didn’t know that ATARU was such a success, to even get its own movie! O:

    • It got a series, SPs, and a movie. So definitely more popular in Japan than maybe among us international watchers. I thoroughly enjoyed the drama. The movie…felt more like an SP and I was not really happy with the story. I’ve been in front of my computer for work all day to day, so I’m going offline and may post about it later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

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