ST Episode 9 Recap

We are gearing up for the end of the series with our loveable mentor revealing that the team he’s so fond of and has helped nurture are going to be his enemies. Say it isn’t so! This isn’t the first time something like this has happened in dramas, movies, or literature. In Unbreakable, Samuel L. Jackson’s character who has been helping nurture Bruce Willis into excepting his super human coolness turns out to be evil to the bone. In The Adventures of Young Sherlock Holmes, Holmes’s favorite boarding school professor turns out to be his arch nemesis later. Having never read any of the Sherlock series, I don’t know if that’s a big deviation or not. But still, you see it all the time in movies and dramas so it’s no surprise…except that Saegusa really doesn’t seem like a bad guy does he?

So the events in this episode are really just building towards major discoveries and setting the chessboard for the final (?) match of the series. It has been announced that Yurine is getting the position of superintendent to a special task force while Ikeda is being relegated to Yurine’s old position as head of ST. Matsuda didn’t want this to happen, but it’s an order from higher ups that can’t be ignored and Ikeda is not happy to learn his friend is now in a higher position than he is. He’s even more unhappy to be heading up the ST whom he’s never been on good terms with. Meanwhile, Akagi is very unhappy with this turn of events, but plays off that he could care less, really wounding Yurine.

In fact, Yurine is still fuming the next day and keeps yelling and circling the ST office. Turns out Akagi is in there, too, unnoticed and overhears everything. Tsutsui comes to work on a case of serial murders in which the victims have all been strangled and their bodies are placed in various locations with hints to the next location and the next body. Yurine is horrified that he’s been kept out of the loop when he’s still head of the St for at last another week. After he, Akagi, and Tsutsui leave to investigate, Aoyama broaches the subject of a farewell party for their beloved Cap (even though they all acted so cold about his reassignment—much like Kikukawa’s earlier). The three don’t have an answer. Aoyama profiles their shock and disappointment and they scold her for profiling them and ask about her own feelings. Aoyama changes the topic back to Akagi and what he must be feeling. Kurosaki speaks up and says that Akagi has decided to ignore Cap from now on since he’s leaving as the relationship will fall apart with distance anyways. I can’t believe at the time Kurosaki had told him that wasn’t a bad decision. Aigoo. Majorly bad decision. Ah, and Yamabuki has an answer to the question of why this is happening. It’s not can Yurine do without ST, but can ST do without Yurine as there is no way for our team to stay together indefinitely, is there?

So while Cap and Akagi are out investigating and Akagi is giving Cap the cold shoulder and calling him “Mister” instead of “Cap”, the rest of ST are called in to a hostage situation where the criminal is demanding Akagi be brought to him. Aoyama tells Ikeda to trust her and he goes in as “Akagi” sort of as he never claims to be Akagi really to the criminal. During this time, Ikeda shocks ST with his presence of mind and actions in drawing the criminal’s real intentions out even without Aoyama’s guidance. Unfortunately just as Ikeda is getting through to the man by talking about his own divorce and Yurine’s promotion, a hostage makes a run for it and he shoots her. This sends the SWAT or whatever team running. Ikeda gets the man to agree to help the woman so he doesn’t become a murderer when the man discovers Ikeda’s ID badge and flips out. Enter our SWAT team who open fire immediately which doesn’t make sense to me, but whatever. Why open fire in a room full of hostages? Ikeda dives and tackles the man and saves his life getting shot in the process.

Yurine rushes to the hospital and asks if Ikeda’s ex has been contacted. ST are shocked to learn everything Ikeda said in that room during the hostage crisis was true. It really changes Aoyama’s opinion of the man. She’s in favor of him now. Matsuda goes to finish the case trusting that Ikeda would want it finished and that the younger man will survive. She tells the man that his missing son was killed in an accident. He completely breaks down bawling before asking after Ikeda as he really doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him.

Meanwhile Ikeda pulls through surgery and there is Yurine and Aoyama there with him. Aoyama does talk about how good he was even without waiting for her instructions. Ikeda’s back to his somewhat cocky self and the two even share a fist bump. I think Yurine and team really see that Ikeda could bring the ST to a whole new level…even if Ikeda is not confident in his ability to “control” the team and I think a part of this does hurt Yurine.

It actually turns out the man’s son isn’t dead, but that’s what his ex-wife wants him to believe so he’s out of both of their lives. This really upsets Kurosaki who believes such a lie is wrong and will hurt everyone in the long run. True enough. The man had some problem with drug issues, but if he could clean up his act and get on the straight and narrow, should he be denied access to his son?s I guess that all depends, doesn’t it? But Saegusa then comes in and says that there is a line that police can’t cross and Kurosaki needs to remember this. It is not their place to judge the mother. He then hands over aquarium tickets to the newly returned Yurine who is trying to figure out why his mentor has closed down his bar. Saegusa says nothing to the questions and just leaves.

Yurine is then called out by Matsuda to investigate the disappearance of the man who was taken at the beginning of the episode. Yurine is kind of loathe to do so as he doesn’t want to become even more estranged from Akagi by not being by his side during the investigation.  At the same time, Tsutsui and Akagi make an important discovery. At the site of all the abductions are hexagrams. At the spot, too, where Yurine is, there is one drawn in chalk.

We then cut to Akagi getting the call about the aquarium ticket. He goes and complains to Saegusa that he hates live fish. Saegusa knows and just wanted to see him and asks how the Momotaro case is going. Akagi knows that case hasn’t been leaked to the public yet and then starts making all his brilliant deductions. All victims are publically known as bad people who never paid for the crimes they committed. Saegusa has joined this vigilante group bringing justice, hasn’t he? Saegusa is proud of Akagi and then tells him that the next target is either Akagi or Yurine…which one? Akagi is quick to point fingers at himself since he’s the brilliant forensic scientist that solves all mysteries. Saegusa laughs at this and says he’s disappointed in the answer. He does look forward to Akagi solving more mysteries brilliantly in front of him.

Well if that isn’t a huge hint that the next victim will more than likely be Cap. D’oh. I sincerely hope they don’t kill off his character, but I am really wondering as an episode or two ago, Yurine was assuring Akagi he would always be by his side to make sure he doesn’t turn into a monster and now this episode has Yurine being separated from ST. Let’s also add on the fact that Yurine went alone to investigate the scene of the abduction.

What will happen next in Saegusa’s game? I can’t imagine him willingly joining a group that would take Yurine’s life when he was all bound and determined that Yurine was a good young man who would help the ST along and protect it. Way weird.

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