Smile, Donghae Episode 77 Recap

Saewa, Saewa, Saewa. Does she really think that pleading with Kim Jun to think of his family will really work? He’s spent most of his life being a bad husband and father thanks to being hung up on Anna. Now that Anna is back in his life, even though he’s tried starting over as a better hubby and father, his initial reaction won’t be to hang on, but to let go. And this episode let’s one more cat out of the bag to Anna. The poor woman, how will she react?

Donghae and Saewa are fighting again. Nothing new. Donghae looks up and spots Kim Jun. Saewa tries to head her injured father-in-law off, but he goes straight to Donghae for a tearful hug and an apology, which of course flummoxes our rising star chef. Enter Do Jin who has been searching for his father and he’s downright angry at the mere sight of Donghae and he, like always, blames Donghae for doing something bad to his father. Not liking what Do Jin is doing to Donghae, Kim Jun speaks and tells him to stop and let Donghae go. This shocks Do Jin. His dad can talk again! He and Saewa take Jun back to his room leaving Donghae mystified, yet happy, that Kim Jun is on the mend.

Back in the room, Do Jin breaks the good news and Hye Sook is ecstatic to hear her husband has finally spoken again. She asks after the scarf and Saewa quickly interjects that it was probably a fan coming out to support Kim Jun and she says she’ll take it and throw it away. Kim Jun won’t have that. It’s his precious scarf from Anna after all. Later that night when his family sleeps he looks at Hye Sook who is sleeping in a chair with her head on his bed and his son who is sleeping on the couch sitting up with his wife. More tears come. But later on, it looks like he’s already made his decision even if it means shattering his family. It’s actually a miracle his marriage lasted this long as he and his wife are total opposites and he’s always been looking for Anna instead of keeping his attention at home.

Donghae returns home and Bongi gives him the clothes they bought together. She then tells him to where his smurf sweater tomorrow so they can match. Donghae agrees and they have to quickly break up when Sun Ok comes out. Donghae rushes in and Sun Ok warns her daughter not to make neighbors gossip that Bongi is dating Donghae which will ruin her chances of finding a good man. The two then head off to the market late into the night to get the cheapest bargains from nearly expired foods in order to save money for the kimchi factory.

The next day Pil Jae rushes into the dining room upset that Sun Ok used his credit card to by herself clothes. Sun Ok says after all they’ve done for him, it’s nothing. She needed new clothes to hit up people for investments into the kimchi factory. Anna then says she’ll give back the TV as she doesn’t need it, but Pil Jae tells her it is alright to keep it. During all of this, Bongi and Donghae are flashing each other their matching smurf sweaters. How now one notices is beyond me. Of course focus ends up on Tae Hoon who is told to go back home before wifey decides to divorce his butt. Ouch. Sore topic for Tae Hoon since his wife did sign the divorce papers.

And of course Sae Young regrets doing that. She doesn’t want to get divorced and just wishes to teach her husband a lesson. Sool Nyeo actually understands Tae Hoon’s anger and does believe it’s justified, however, he’s a spoilt eldest child and doesn’t know how to let things go, so Sae Young needs to woman up and apologize to bring him back home. Sae Young refuses. She won’t let him win this game. These two have a lot of maturing to do still.

At the hospital, Saewa is trying to keep Jun’s mouth shut when his wife comes in and he insists on going home as he has a lot of things he needs to do. Hye Sook then reveals she told his boss that he will take the anchor position after all. He’s floored. Hye Sook replies she took care of the Lee family matter so that he doesn’t have to feel so guilty anymore and her husband explodes at her for always being calculating and manipulative. Yes and no. Yes, she calculating and manipulative, but it’s for her husband’s sake, too, and not just for raising her own status and respectability. She truly wants the best for her husband in his career and in politics (not that Jun cares about politics at all).

The three get home and there is the family picture. Jun ignores his daughter-in-law and wife’s commands and goes to set in his study. Saewa’s pleas earlier that he didn’t have Donghae and Anna for 27 years and was still fine was absolutely wrong. Do Jin has told her about his parents’ rocky marriage since his dad couldn’t get over his first love. This shows Jun wasn’t okay without Anna. And come on! The man just discovered he has another son. You want him to give up having any relationship with a child he had with the woman he loved that he never knew about? Yes, he feels guilty to his wife and son, but that won’t stop him from trying, will it?

At the hotel, Yoo Jin is coming under fire since she’s doing everything in an angry and distracted way and getting food sent back to the kitchen when Do Jin storms in accusing Donghae of accepting money to fail the competition and make the hotel look bad. Donghae and everyone else is stunned. Donghae looks at the pictures Saewa sent and agrees he met the man, but never accepted any money or bribes. Do Jin says that Donghae will not be appearing on TV until the truth is discovered. Donghae insists upon his innocence. Yoo Jin is incensed after what happened and storms out of the kitchen. Later, Bongi says there are only three choices about who framed Donghae…Do Jin, Saewa, and I can’t remember the third right now. Donghae then gets a call from Hye Sook and Bongi urges him to talk to her immediately to clear things up before thing get out of control. Donghae arranges a small family dinner with Hye Sook who wishes to thank him properly for donating blood to her husband when he was in the hospital.

Donghae heads over and Do Jin and Saewa throw a fit to hear he’s coming with Anna. Hye Sook says if they don’t like it, they can leave. LOL. I do like how Hye Sook commiserates that Donghae is a great person and it’s too bad he had to get mixed up with the likes of her daughter-in-law. Assa! But we know her thoughts will change on Donghae and Anna when she learns the first truth and the second truth about who they really are.

Meanwhile, Jun tries to tell his wife about Anna as he wants to be with Anna and Donghae now, but he just can’t find the words. Hye Sook then tells him Donghae and his mother are coming over for dinner. The two arrive at this time and are ushered in where Anna sees the family portrait and recognizes her precious James. End episode. What will happen next? Stay tuned to find out as I’m sure they’ll sweep the big discovery under the rug for a bit longer.

Ah, and there is a scene where Pil Jae comes with the fish pastries stuffed with sweet red bean paste for Anna. He saw that she was crying and  told her to cheer up and eat. And then she starts talking about James and Pil Jae has a meltdown and takes the fish back and stuffs it in his mouth. Mature…he isn’t really. He also ran into Bongi at the bank when he was going to take out a loan to help with Kang Jae’s factory and he begs his niece to help him win over Anna – the only woman besides his deceased wife he’ll probably ever love. And that’s all the major and minor happenings.

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