ST Episode 7 Recap

Just in time for episode 8. Oh well. This episode was kind of a cute one and brought in some unexpected help to Yurine in the form of the cold Matsuda who has seemed pretty bent on splitting our favorite team of misfits up. Cap’s theatrics still hold center stage which can be a bit grating. I wish Okada had found a better balance instead of going so far over the top with Yurine’s histrionics. We do learn about Yuki’s past and just why…in a way…she feels claustrophobic.

So Yurine goes to Matsuda who says that Yuki has already requested a transfer and that Matsuda plans on making her an FBI liaison. Matsuda then says she has plans for where to place the rest of the team as well. This shocks Yurine and he is very not happy. Of course, he also thinks that it was Matsuda who coerced Yuki into leaving until Matsuda points out that Yuki is not one to listen to anybody. Yurine can’t help but agree to this, but is determined that the rest of the team will remain intact under his watchful eye. Matsuda then makes a snide comment that it is only Yurine who wishes for ST to remain.

I had to laugh when Yurine threw Takahashi under the bus by saying that Ikeda was the one who told him that Matsuda was going after ST thanks to Yuki. Priceless. But we all know that Cap is a very direct person and has a hard time hiding things and beating around the bush, don’t we?

st-e07-00001While Cap is lamenting to Akagi who doesn’t seem to pay much heed to the fact that Yuki has tendered her resignation to ST, Yuki is with Matsuda and Kikkukawa at a recital of a famous violinist who one a prestigious contest in Vienna and will be performing with a famous, and expensive, Stradivarius. Matsuda got the tickets from the higher ups and shared with Kikkukawa who is a fan of the violinist and he brought Yuki as a “date”. Yuki hears a scream and notices a man’s head turn as well. Another person with super hearing discovered! Turns out the violinist’s mentor was found murdered in the Stradivarius showroom. So Yuki texts Akagi who cuts Cap’s monologue off and the two rush to the scene of the crime.

st-e07-00002Kikkukawa is quick to announce the death an accident. The man tripped and banged his head on the table. Of course Akagi is quick to point out that is a very obvious deduction and also very wrong. Due to the blood spatters, there is no way that the man fell and hit his head—he was bludgeoned to death. Akagi doesn’t find this case interesting and is set to go home when Matsuda says the investigation team will be handling this case all alone because of ST’s bad attitude. Yurine steps in and won’t let his team be slandered and then stakes his team’s life on solving the case. If ST solves it, then they will stay put, if they fail then they will be split up.

Of course Cap immediately regrets his decision and his entire team calls him a giant idiot. Ah, and even though she put in a transfer request, Yuki is back working on this case. In fact, it’s Yuki’s superior hearing that helps put the pieces of the puzzle together so that Akagi can solve the case. I could go into particulars, but I won’t. It’s like the case of the dead producer where everyone was a suspect and everyone was lying. The more discovered, the more motive found. Thus Cap really goes crazy thinking his team just might be dissolved.

Cap and Akagi end up at Saegusa’s place. They always do. Yurine is mulling things over about Yuki and Saegusa calls up Matsuda to help, which shocks both of our detectives. While Matsuda is meeting with Yuki, Saegusa tells a bit of a backstory about how Yuki was mocked and ignored as a rookie and Matsuda was the only one who believed in her and Yuki helped Matsuda solve quite a few cases with her odd ways of reasoning. Matsuda then says that Yuki is starting to feel claustrophobic being in the ST team because of Yurine’s vehement belief in her. Yurine is not tying her down, so why the need to run away?st-e07-00003

Matsuda then comes to the bar and Yurine asks a few questions and again asserts to keep the ST together with all of his might so they have a place to belong and be themselves. Akagi then surprises everyone by asking if ST exists solely for their sakes. Yurine feels horrible and says that he has failed as their Cap. He then thinks hard for awhile and says there is only one thing he can do and runs out of the bar. Later when Matsuda and Saegusa are alone, Matsuda wonders if Yurine’s plan will work since dealing with human relationships is always hit and miss. Saegusa then wonders about Matsuda’s thoughts on the mature ST team and she does acknowledge Yurine’s part in all of this.

st-e07-00004So…what was Yurine’s plan? He was considering Yuki’s future for her. He came up with 100 possible outcomes. Yuki is touched by this. She tells him to put the notes on her desk as they need to concentrate on the case at hand and not the unforseeable future. Ah…and all of the team members do request Yurine do the same thing for them. LOL. So Yuki’s claustrophobia is tamed and that really helps her to solve the case.

st-e07-00005It turns out that the real violin was stolen by the violinist’s rival in music and love in order to sabotage her. But the jealous thief is not the killer. The killer turns out to be a manager who was hoping to sign our violinist. When she refused, he decided to steal the violin to sell to save his company from the enormous debt he has accrued. He saw the mentor try to rape the violinist and and the mentor caught him trying to steal the violin and that’s how things end.

Looks like Yuki is back on the team for good now and even Matsuda has given up her plan to split ST up…for the moment at least. Takahashi is definitely surprised by this turn of events and Yurine is happy. He meets up with Akagi at Saegusa and Akagi demands to know his 100 possibilities. Yurine replies he hasn’t started them as he’s only halfway through Aoyama’s. Akagi then demands to know Aoyama’s and Yurine refuses to tell saying that Akagi will get his own soon enough.


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