Total Randomness #17 – U-KISS vs. Boyfriend

If you read my recaps and various other points, you may or may not have gotten that I can be totally random. People when conversing with me don’t always understand my jumps and connections and I’m very bad at segueing between topics quite often. Thus, you can enjoy more complete randomness from me today as I finally prepare my June music post.

And this makes NO sense. Not really. I can’t get this comparison out of my head and I don’t know why. It’s not even that the songs are relatively the same in sound or melody or beat, but for some reason…whenever I hear Boyfriend’s “Obsession” I am immediately reminded of U-KISS’s “She’s Mine”. I don’t get it. And if we draw another random parallel…Boyfriend have a Peter Pan concept in their MV for “Obsession” while U-KISS had the song “Neverland.”

Random post of the day done.

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