Song of the Week – 1 September 2014

First off, Happy Labor Day to all my US followers! I’m actually going to be working today because we collectively decided we had nothing better to do, so might as well go to work. In hindsight, I think I actually needed this extra day off to recuperate after the visit from my high energy niece and nephew. Oh well.

Now, on to the music. Even though fall doesn’t start calendarly until later this month, September first always heralds that fall feeling in even though it’s still summer technically. What does fall mean in the music world? Sure dance songs are still there, but we have the release of more and more ballads. So let’s start the unofficial kickoff to fall with a beautiful ballad by Wang Su Long – 晴 [qíng] from his album Legendary Movement released this past July.

This may be my first introduction to this artist. His sound reminds me a bit of JJ Lin. The song is a piano ballad that has this aching quality to it. Enjoy!

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