Smile, Donghae Episode 76 Recap

Kim Jun wakes up without amnesia? Go figure. I’m happy that he doesn’t, though, because that would have been really annoying. I do know that in some warped and twisted way Saewa does crave for a “perfect” family complete with a father since hers died when she was so young, but we know that when she’s pleading with Kim to ignore the fact that Donghae is his son and Anna his true love, she’s doing it for herself only and not for Do Jin’s and Hye Sook’s sakes as well.

Anna and Hye Sook miss each other outside of Jun’s room. Anna slips in with her scarf and pleads with him to wake up saying she will be sick in his place. Just as he opens his eyes, doctors comes in and Anna rushes out without the scarf. Meanwhile, Hye Sook was heading back to the room when she sees Kang Jae and Sun Ok. She tells them she will go ahead with the investment as planned and this makes the Lee family happy. Finally things are looking up for them. Hye Sook is then told her husband has woke up and rushes off. Jun says nothing and can only cry as he superimposes Anna’s face on his wife’s.

Things are heating up at the hotel. Yu Jin keeps wavering. She tells Do Jin to forget the deal, which Saewa overhears and decides to use to her benefit to get rid of Donghae at long last, and stalks off. Of course, Yu Jin then hears the other chefs praising Donghae while belittling her own skills. Yeah. Add fuel to the fire. Just great. So whether or not she goes through with it remains to be seen. Donghae and Bongi then arrange a shopping date after Donghae’s meeting at the station about the cooking competition. It’s been Bongi’s dream to shop for her boyfriend (guess that didn’t happy with rich ex-fiance) and Donghae needs some new threads for the competition.

On his way out, Donghae is approached by a man who claims to work for a hotel. He hands over an envelope with money, promising Donghae the head chef position at his hotel and to also help with finding Donghae’s father. Since Donghae is loyal, he has no intention of accepting such an offer. Of course this all turns into an elaborate ruse by Saewa to get evidence against Donghae to slip to Do Jin to get Donghae ousted once and for all. Donghae bumps into Do Jin who scolds him for going out so early in the day. Donghae explains about the meeting and Do Jin calls him a braggart. The arse then gets a call about daddy waking up and rushes off. Donghae is happy to overhear that Jun has finally woken up.

The Lees find Anna at the hospital, too, and take her home where Pil Jae is wondering where everyone is and is about to get frantic that Anna is missing. Like always, Sun Ok scolds him for his unfair treatment when the elder Lees have been helping and taking care of him since his wife’s death. Saewa goes to the hospital as well and Jun cries as he recalls her pleads to keep Anna and Donghae buried. You know, Jun wasn’t a good husband or father. He feels badly about this. Think of how bad he must feel that he has a son older than Do Jin that he has never once got to see or be a father to. That makes his sins and regrets even more. I really does sicken me about how Saewa keeps pleading and pleading with him to keep the secret a secret forever. Tsk, tsk.

Sool Nyeo gets caught up in our lovers’ quarrel. Sae Young has been remaining steadfast that she lost her seal so she can avoid the divorce discussion, but when Tae Hoon tells her she’s no model as her beauty is already fading and she’s suited to a dancing penguin or dolphin, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She storms into their room and takes out her seal, stamps the divorce papers and kicks her hubby to the curb. We know he won’t submit the papers and they will get back together, but these two really need to mature in their relationship and be more understanding of one another first.

Donghae and Bongi have their adorable date after the meeting. Too bad Sun Ok and Songi are spotted so Bongi gets her mommy out of the store fast, but not before Donghae overhears just what kind of man Sun Ok wants and one of the first criteria is a man with NO ISSUES. Dang. Donghae has issues coming out of his ears. He gets back home and Anna tells him she lost the scarf at the hospital so Donghae goes to find the scarf and check in on Jun. He is waylaid by the angry Saewa. We then see Hye Sook and Do Jin enter the room to find Jun gone. Donghae spots him and Saewa turns. Jun stares at his newly discovered son with a mixture of sadness and happiness. End episode.

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