Song of the Week – 18 August 2014

I’ve skipped a lot. I’ve been busy. I’ve picked up a new hobby, too. I’ve been listening to less Asian music and watching less Asian dramas. Soon, canning season will start in full swing as we have plans for Italian peppers, carrots, homemade salsa, and I don’t know if we’ll be able to can fruit from the Farmers Market this year or not.

The song I’m featuring is a Japanese song with a strong piano melody. I love how the PV starts with our singer alone in the woods and you can hear sounds of nature before he starts singing unaccompanied. It’s really sweet and slow and then the piano and other instruments are added and it really works well. Love the arrangement.

The artist is Sashida Fumiya and the song is simply titled “hello” – what an original song title, ne? But while the title is not all that amazing, I think the overall song is pretty awesome. The song was released this past April on an EP with the same title.

hello-EP / Fumiya Sashida
Fumiya Sashida

1 hello
2 スパム [SPAM]
3 documentary.
4 オレンジ [ORANGE]

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